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The opioid abuse epidemic is one that is widespread. More than 20 million people have a problem with prescription drugs in the US alone. If you are addicted to prescription opioids, you are just one of many people who has fallen victim to addictions in the world. The following are some indications that you may be addicted to prescription opioids.

1. You Have no Legitimate Reason for Taking Them

One of the first signs of opioid drug addiction is that you start taking them for non-medical reasons. You may have gotten the original prescription for a medical issue, but now you are taking the opioids for some reason other than that issue. The issue may be for relaxation, to calm anxiety or just for fun. Anytime you use a medical substance for a reason other than it’s intended reason, it indicates a possible addiction issue.

  1. You Suffer Withdrawal Symptoms

The second sign that might indicate an opiate drug addiction is the presence of withdrawal symptoms. You may experience emotional, physical and psychological symptoms because your body has built up a tolerance. You may no longer feel normal or functional without ingesting such drugs. Irritability, anger and depression are examples of the psychological symptoms that you may experience. Sweating, aches, restlessness, watery eyes and increased yawning are just some examples of the physical withdrawal symptoms that you may experience. You may also feel that you are extra sensitive or highly needy during these times.

  1. Most of Your Paycheck Goes to Opiate Drug Purchases

Severe financial problems may indicate that you have an opioid addiction if they are coupled with other problems. For example, you may have an issue if most of your paycheck goes to the purchase of additional opioid prescriptions or illegal purchases of opioid drugs. You may have difficulty keeping up with your bills because of where your money is now going. Your existing debt may get even worse. You may find yourself unable to get through the month or the week without asking friends, family members and other entities to lend you money. If your addiction is severe, even the money that such people lend you may go toward the purchase of opioid drugs.

  1. Your Job Is Suffering

You may notice that your job performance is declining, and your attendance is running thin. This may be because you have replaced your top priorities with drug-seeking activities. Therefore, you may have no problem with calling out from work, leaving for a break and never coming back, or performing other activities that leave your employer high and dry. You may do the same if you are in school at this time. You may notice that your grades are slipping. Your attendance may be declining, and you may be in jeopardy of not graduating. All this is a sign that you may need to get a handle on an addiction problem.

5. Your Friends and Family Members Are Noticing

Finally, you may have a problem with opioid drugs if your friends, family members and other people who are close to you start saying that they notice. Your family members may come to you in love and say that you are distant, moody and just plain not the person that they used to know and love. Your relationship with your significant other may suffer because of an addiction, as well. You may cut short the time that you have to be with your children. The people who know you the best may be coming to you and trying to plead for changes because they see the devastation that the addiction has caused in your life. You may want to listen to their cries and their pleads.

Those are a handful of signs that might point to opioid drug addiction. If you notice any of those within yourself, you may want to consider receiving help. Rehabilitation programs and support programs are available to help you navigate through this issue. All you need to do is reach out and ask for help. Do not punish yourself or feel guilty because of this problem. Just reach out for help, and someone will grab your hand.




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