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Swedish Snus has increasingly been portrayed as an effective alternative to smoking. It explains why some countries like Sweden have a low smoking prevalence compared to other parts of the world. Clinical trials performed to establish nicotine concentrations in Swedish Snus and cigarettes found that the former has smaller amounts than the latter hence, an effective treatment for tobacco dependence. As such, Snus poses a lower cancer risk than cigarettes and other tobacco products thus, recommended for non-medical nicotine replacement therapy for heavily addicted smokers. Here are more benefits of Swedish Snus.

Effective Smoking Cessation Aid

Studies conducted in recent years showed three out of four men stop smoking with the help of Snus. Snus is easily accessible in Sweden and makes a cheap alternative for nicotine replacement therapy products. Further research showed that only 5% of the Swedish population smokes, but the prevalence of oral tobacco in the case the Swedish Snus has increased. While critics cite the impact of using Snus is a matter of public concern, the fact is that Snus proves to be the leading harm reduction strategy.

Safer Form of Smoking

Swedish Snus provides a safer alternative to traditional combustible tobacco products, especially for parents living with kids. Some researchers concluded that Snus is 95% safer than cigarettes and other tobacco products. It is also classified as a low-risk nicotine product, and its preparation process reduces exposure to bacteria and harmful chemicals. Online retailers like SnusDirect sell a range of snus products in a variety of flavours and forms (gums, candy, pouches) to make it easy for users to consume the product discreetly. Agencies advocating for the use of snus products have provided population-level proof that alternative nicotine products have a positive impact on the health of an individual. As such, there is a need for global health organisations like the FDA to allow companies some considerable latitude for promoting products like Snus as a form of non-medical alternative nicotine product for the benefit of heavy addicts.

Reduced Health Risks

Swedish natives report the lowest levels of tobacco-related death in Europe thanks to the low nitrosamine levels in Snus compared to cigarettes. A 2015 pharmaceutical journal found that 222 men aged 60-69 died due to tobacco-related diseases in Sweden compared 550 men of the same age in other EU states. This difference is more pronounced among young Swedish men whose smoking rates have reduced over the years due to the use of Snus.



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