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Having a pet dog can be one of life’s greatest joys–but it can also be a challenge and a big responsibility. If you have a pet dog, you have to make sure you keep him healthy and happy, and that you also ensure that he is safe and sheltered.

One of the best tools for keeping dogs healthy and happy today is a smartphone app. There are lots of apps that can help you keep track of your pup and ensure that he is well taken care of. Here are the best apps that every dog owners should use.

Pet Phone

It’s important to keep track of your dog’s health like you keep track of your own. One of the best apps for just that is Pet Phone — an app that serves as a health tracker. In Pet Phone, you can list your dog’s vet appointments, food preferences, and more. If your dog gets regular flea treatments like Comfortis for dogs and cats, then you can set a reminder in Pet Phone so that your dog’s treatments are always on schedule.

Dog Whistler

If you need to train your dog to stay away from things that are dangerous for him (say, running out into the street), you might want to use the dog whistler app. The app is a free dog whistle that you can set at a variety of pitches, then use to train your dog. The app has a motion activated alarm so it can go off automatically when your pup goes somewhere he is not supposed to.

Whistle Pet Tracker

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your dog will run off. If your dog has a tendency to bolt, then you should consider getting the Whistle app. Whistle comes with a GPS attachment for your dog’s collar, so that no matter where he goes, you can find out where he is. Whistle is also helpful because it can show you how much your pup has moved around. That way, you can ensure that he’s gotten enough exercise and expended enough energy.

Red Cross Pet First Aid

The Red Cross doesn’t just help humans who are in crisis, they can also help you with your pet. The Pet First Aid App has a huge amount of information about your pet’s health, including sicknesses, treatments, and more. You can use the app to find emergency vets, look into dog-friendly hotels, and watch videos about pet health. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about their animal’s wellbeing.


Another great app for a dog owner who likes to bring their dog around is BringFido. This app shows you pet-friendly businesses like hotels, so you can be sure that Fido can stay with you no matter where you are. BringFido is a good resource if you are on the go on a hot day and need somewhere to cool your furry friend down or get him some water to drink.

Smartphones might seem like they’re not for dogs — but they can change the lives of dog owners. By using the right apps, you can track your dog’s behavior, health, and safety, and make sure that he is living the best life he possibly can. Then, you can ensure that you get to live a long, healthy, and happy life together.


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