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People are so much more aware of the things that they are doing these days, and many of these things are conscious decisions. One of the things that people are most aware of are the ways that they are living and the ways in which they are affecting the environment. We have come to realize that we are doing great damage to the earth and we are recognizing the need to change those decisions that we make on a daily basis. There are things that people are doing and decisions that they are making for the long term in order to change their effects on the environment. Some of the most impactful decisions are coming in the form of their homes.

People are building new homes all the time that are meant to be their forever home that will be in the family for generations to come. In order to create a wonderful environment within this property, people are making major decisions in the type of home that they build. Many of these decisions revolve around the home being a green home and having little to no impact on the environment.

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  • Websites like Rain Water Tanks Direct is getting increased business because of people’s realization that there is a need to conserve water. There are issues all over the world with fresh water for people and they are tapping into rain water. They are collecting rain water for their use so that they are conserving the fresh water resources that are being depleted.
  • People are making major choices in the building materials that they are using for their home. They are using materials that are sourced from sustainable growers. This is so they can be comfortable knowing that no harm is coming to the environment when they are building their home. They are using things like cork and bamboo because of the sustainability and the fact that they can be easily recycled.
  • They are also being extremely energy conscious when they build their homes as well. They are using materials that are great insulators so that they are using less energy to heat and cool. They are also doing the little things like turning the thermostat up 2 degrees in the summer and down 2 degrees in the winter. Some people are going so far as to install solar panels in order to utilize a totally sustainable energy source.
  • One decision that they are making is to build a home that is just a little smaller. It used to be that people wanted huge homes in order to show their success in life. Many are changing that way of thinking by building only what they need and not creating huge mansions. They are thinking in a more logical way in terms of energy costs and material consumption.
  • Many have realized how important their roof is in the energy consumption of their home. They are utilizing the science behind cool roof materials that cool down and heat up faster. Some progressive thinkers are even creating living roofs. These are roofs that sustain plant life in order to grow more greenery and also serve as a wonderful insulator for their home.

People are also making major decisions in the types of cars that they are driving. Most of the fossil fuel usage can be accounted for in the burning of gas in cars. Science and technology has done a lot of wonderful things in the field of alternative fuels for the automobiles that we drive. From biofuels to electricity, there are more and more car model options that are using these alternative fuels. They are using far less gas and are also much easier on a driver’s wallet over time. There are also many governments across the world that are giving their citizens monetary incentives for the purchase of a new alternatively fueled vehicle.

We are only given one earth and it is the responsibility of everyone to do their part to take care of it. As we become smarter, we are taking on the responsibility to do good with the knowledge that we have. We have to show the future generations of the world how to do a better job than the generations before them.




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