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Traveling with kids can be really fun and rewarding. You get to explore new places and gain new experiences together. Even places you’ve been to before can seem new and magical when seen through your children’s eyes. However, it can be also quite stressful. Your toddler could suddenly have a public meltdown, or they can complain of boredom when you are still far from your destination.

Thanks to gadgets like smartphones and tablets, keeping your kids occupied is now way easier than it used to be. You just have to make sure you download apps that will keep your kids busy and occupied for hours. Make sure that the apps you download are also available offline. This way, they can keep on playing even when you are in a place with no Wifi, or when you don’t want data charges.

App categories to consider

Below are categories of apps that would be best for your upcoming travel. Decide on the categories you like. Then choose apps that you think your child will enjoy based on his or her interests and temperament.

  1. Educational apps

What could be better than an app that will keep your kids busy while enjoying themselves and helping them to learn at the same time? If you have a very young child, choose apps that will help them to learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes. Older kids will enjoy solving puzzles and games. Check out Kids Academy Talented & Gifted for thousands of educational apps that you can choose from!

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  1. Musical apps.

If your little one loves music, make sure to include some musical apps. There are apps that let your kids play instruments or sing along to their favorite songs. There are also apps that let your kids compose their own tunes!

  1. Building apps.

Kids love to build things. Depending on the age of your child, you can choose an app that will let your child build with virtual blocks. You can also choose one that will let him or her build an entire town.

  1. Artwork apps.

If your child is a budding artist, an art app will be much appreciated and enjoyed. You can download finger-painting or coloring book apps that feature pictures your kids will love.

  1. Racing apps.

For action-inclined kids, racing apps will provide hours of fun as you zoom through highways or get stuck in traffic in real life. You can choose a driving app, if you have a boy who likes cars, or endless runner games for younger kids and girls. Alternatively, there are falling games that offer the same adrenaline rush.

  1. Special interest apps.

Are you travelling with a fashion or domestic diva? Download a dollhouse app that will let her create her dream house or put together outfits for the day. Baking and cooking enthusiasts will enjoy bakeshop and restaurant apps. Does your kid like to battle monsters, and you are okay with them doing so for the length of your trip? There are also a lot of apps that will let them do just that.


Don’t download the first apps you see. You have to choose the apps that your kids will love. To make sure your apps will do their job in keeping your kids occupied, road-test them first by having your kids play them at home. If they love it, then your work is done!



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