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Moving often generates a great deal of waste, and oftentimes, boxes are the most obvious. After your things are properly unpacked, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself confronted by a mound of boxes. The easiest way to dispose of them is, of course, to throw them in a dumpster- out of sight, out of mind!

Before you dispose of your cardboard waste, make sure to tear or cut up your boxes into small manageable pieces. This’ll make it easier to stuff the remnants inside trash bags for easy disposal. Of course, you could just throw them away without trash bags as cardboard decomposes almost entirely in a few months.

Not sure you want to deal with all of this yourself? Before you keep reading, consider hiring professional movers in your area. They can handle the heavy lifting and the boxes with ease! Just type in your zip code online and you’ll find plenty of movers in your city.

Read these ideas from Verde Trader about what to do with your used boxes.

What Do I Do With Boxes In Good Condition?

To remain environmentally conscious, it is important to consider other uses for your used boxes besides throwing them away. If after your move the boxes remain in usable sturdy condition, there are a number of ways you can make them work for someone else.

*Give the boxes away to friends, neighbors or acquaintances! If you’re planning to host a yard sale, all the more reason to hang onto your boxes to make it easy for buyers to move their purchases. You can also opt to leave your boxes for free on your curb as many people are happy to use them for their pets, organizing or just about anything.

*Get word out via social media that you have boxes available for free in good condition. Other people that are moving may wish to take advantage of your offer as the price of boxes can add up. Use Facebook groups, Freecycle or even Craigslist to get word out you have boxes to give away. You may even wish to leave a post on a bulletin board at your local city hall.

*If you work in an office and have a large number of co-workers, make it a point to let everyone know about your box situation. Spread word that you have boxes you no longer need, and people are more than likely going to come claim them. This is especially potentially true in a large workplace with hundreds or thousands of employees.

*Consider contacting local charities if they would be interested in taking on some boxes. For example, charity shops and thrift stores can also benefit from sturdy second-hand boxes to make it easier to carry merchandise. Make sure you call the charities beforehand to ensure that they would like them before making an assumption.

Is It Possible To Sell Boxes?

The reality is that there really isn’t much of a high demand for secondhand boxes for purchase, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your hand at turning a bit of profit. After all, much like with anything else, all it takes is the right buyer who has a vision to purchase your boxes!

The first thing to consider is whether you have any unused boxes. When you move, it is often hard to calculate just how much stuff you have and how many boxes you’ll need for the move. Check the return policy of the store where your boxes were purchased as they may have a lenient return policy. This is just one way you may get some of your money back.

Selling second-hand boxes is a possibility, but it is important to do so locally. Ebay is the most well-known selling platform with millions of visitors, and this is something you should consider when listing your used boxes. You will want to offer in-person local pickup for your boxes, however, as shipping them would prove cost prohibitive.

Depending on your location, Craigslist is another great way to deal locally only. Post an ad with the number of boxes you have and put your asking price at a reasonable amount. People are likely to meet if your asking price is fair.

Recycling Is An Option, Too!

If selling or giving away didn’t work out for your boxes, and perhaps simply throwing away would feel wrong, recycling is your last bet. Recycling is not only a great way to feel better about your tactics, but it means you’ll finally get rid of an eyesore in your home!

It is important to go online and look at what your options are for recycling locally. Many recycling facilities are willing to take your cardboard waste with no trouble, but you will physically have to hand deliver the boxes to the facility.

If you don’t live near a recycling facility, you may wish to hire a waste management or removal company. However, this can get expensive, so only consider this option if you have a large amount of waste as otherwise it makes more sense to just dispose of the boxes by way of a dumpster.

Lastly, consider creative uses for cardboard such as using them for arts and crafts projects. If you sell stuff online, even better as you can simply use them again for mailing things out!


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