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There are far too many people that have gotten their perception of the private investigator from movies. While these individuals do provide surveillance and research into the backgrounds and activities of certain businesses and people, the idea of the “super spy” with guns and explosives is definitely not accurate. Some of the most common misconceptions related to a private investigator toronto‏ are highlighted here.

Public Record Access

One of the most common misconceptions of the private investigator is that they will be able to easily acquire copies of a person’s cell phone records. This is not true unless a subpoena is given or if the owner gives permission. This goes for banking information, credit history, medical records and other sensitive information, as well.

The Work is Always Exciting

The fact is that the work of a private investigator is often boring. They spend hours poring over public records and providing surveillance on their subject. While the surveillance can be exciting at times, it can also be tedious and tiring. For example, dodging traffic and keeping up with someone can be quite exhilarating, but typically our PI will not be driving a Ferrari or getting into shoot-outs, minimizing the glamor that is typically associated with the job.

That there is always a Smoking Gun

During investigations, the “smoking gun” is rarely a real piece of evidence. With computers and cell phones, each piece of evidence is usually significant. Additionally, this technology has made the job of the private investigator much easier and the ability to find important pieces of evidence simple.

Recording Conversations is Illegal

It is actually illegal for private investigators to record a conversation that they are not a part of. Additionally, in certain states that is an all-party or two party law that requires that everyone that is on a call is aware that the discussion is being recorded. This means that private investigators are not able to use recording devices to gather evidence, which is also often depicted in movies.

The fact is that the life of the private investigator can be exciting; however, there are also portions that would fall under the category of “just another job.” If you like figuring out mysteries and finding evidence, then this career may be one that is right for you. Be sure to carefully consider if it is right for you prior to investing your time and energy into it.

If you are in need of a private investigator, then you will need to take the time to do a bit of research to track the right one down.


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