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We’re excited that Kuato Studios, creator of Dino Tales, have released two new fun and educational apps! Dino Paint and Dino Flip are fun “learnification” apps for your toddler. Something that we enjoy the most about these apps is how they take a fun and entertaining game into a learning opportunity.

Dino Paint

Dino Paint is a great way for your child to learn their colors and practice their drawing skills. It has 25 seasonal scenes that feature your favorite Dino Tales dinosaurs preparing their homes for Christmas. The paint pallet allows your toddler to choose a color, paint brush and begin creating a colorful Christmas land complete with snowmen, Santa hats, candy canes and Christmas trees! It also has four blank pages for your toddler to let their creativity grow by trying their hand at freestyle doodling. An eraser allows them to clear the page and create more fun and imaginative scenes.

dino paint

Dino Paint is a fantastic painting App for younger kids which lets players pick their paints and brushes and color in 24 different Christmas-themed images. Each picture has our cute baby dinosaurs getting ready for the big day with decorations, candy canes, trees and baubles. We’ve even included four blank pages for kids to create their own unique masterpieces. The images can be painted and erased as many times as you like, or stored in your camera roll for viewing at any time. Dino Paint is a lovely game for all Dino fans and a perfect partner for festive fun!

Game Features

  • 24 fun, Christmas pictures of your favorite dinosaurs
  • 7 cute baby dinosaurs enjoying the festivities
  • Countless colors to unleash your creativity
  • Brushes and pencils of different sizes
  • A spinning color wheel to choose your paint
  • Four blank pages for freestyle doodling
  • Save your creations to print out later!
  • No adverts and no in-app purchases!

You can download Dino Paint on iTunes here.

Dino Flip

Traditional memory games are one of our favorite activities. We’ve collected so many! So, Dino Flip was an instant favorite. We simply enjoy this app version! It’s nice not to have to manually set up the cards on the ground – but play it on our smart devices and quickly begin a new game once we’ve completed another.

dino cards

Dino Flip from Kuato Games is a fantastic educational puzzle game for all dinosaur fans, encouraging young minds to develop memory skills and hand/eye coordination! And with no advertising and no in-app purchases, you can be sure it’s a safe environment for creative play!

Game Features

  • Adorable artwork featuring the Dino Tales characters
  • 10 images to uncover including Christmas themes
  • Choose from four difficulty levels
  • Timer to track your best times to beat
  • Encourages young minds to develop memory skills and hand/eye coordination
  • No adverts and no in-app purchases!

You can download Dino Flip on iTunes here.

Like all Kuato titles, Dino Flip and Dino Tales have no advertising and no in-App purchases, so the games remain safe places for your kids to play!


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    This looks adorable. My 3yo would love the bright colors. I’ll give it a download!

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