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There are many people that love nothing more than tucking into something sweet such as a sumptuous dessert. If this is you, then one thing to remember is that no matter what type of sweet things you like, you can always find a fabulous cocktail to complement it perfectly. Many people these days are interested in learning more about sweets and cocktail pairings and there are many different and delicious options to choose from.

From the fabulous taste of an Amaretto Sour through to the delicious flavor of an Espresso Martini, there are many wonderful cocktails that are born to be enjoyed with desserts and sweet treats. So, let’s take a look at some of the top cocktails and the sweet delights that they can be paired with for a fantastic culinary experience.

Cocktails and sweet treats to try together

There are many different cocktail recipes and sweet treats that you can try together in order to enjoy a wonderful, indulgent, and somewhat naughty treat. Some of the ones to try include:

Tiramisu Cocktail and Chocolate Cake

It may be a bit too much to have this cocktail with actual tiramisu, but it is ideal to enjoy with a slice of indulgent chocolate cake. To make the cocktail, get a cocktail shaker and add a shot of vodka, a shot of crème de cacao, a shot of coffee liqueur, and a shot of Irish cream, along with a couple of drops of vanilla essence. Sake it well and then pour over crushed ice in a martini glass and drizzle with chocolate sauce.

Strawberry Shortcake Martini and Shortcake Biscuits

If you love the rich, butter taste of shortcake biscuits, why not team it up with a delicious strawberry shortcake martini? To make the drink, add some strawberry smoothie and strawberry syrup to a shaker and then add some cake vodka and shake it well. Add over crushed ice to a martini glass and garnish with whipped cream and strawberry pieces.

Lemon Drop Cocktail and Elderberry Macaroon

Elderberry macaroons are delicious but they are especially delicious when paired with this sumptuous cocktail. To make the cocktail, you simply need to combine vodka, triple sec, and lemon juice to a shaker and add some simple syrup. Shake well and pour over crushed ice then garnish with some lemon rind and enjoy.

Espresso Martini and Cup Cakes

For a really indulgent treat, try a selection of delicious cup cakes with an espresso martini. To make the drink, you can purchase coffee infused vodka and then add to white rum with a little amaretto. Finish with a splash of chocolate liqueur for the perfect sweet drink and the most delicious indulgent treat. You can also brew your own espresso and allow to cool before combining with vodka if you prefer not to buy coffee infused vodka.

These are just some of the great cocktail and dessert pairings you can enjoy with friends or even on your own if you want to enjoy a little indulgent me time.



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