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When building a home, one of the most crucial decisions is selecting your exterior materials. This choice finally decides how long the material will last and how much effort you must put in to get it mended and how often you must do so. While, in terms of improving the interiors, repainting the house is an option and so is hanging pictures on it, nothing is probably as efficient as an external stone cladding. Here are some ways it is much better than all the other options you have:

1. Appearance and Appeal

Stone cladding can marvelously improve the appeal and appearance of the house. It gives the house a natural look and the effect of a stone exterior can act as an aesthetic device, giving your home an elite touch. Your house looks more inviting – certainly something guests would love. It also increases your house’s curb appeal.

2. Wide Range of Styles and Versatility

In the past, most houses were built out of stone and people developed unique textures and colors to improve their home’s aestheticity. Some of these designs pass down very well in stone cladding, where you have a large number of designs to choose from. If you wish to know how diverse the styles in stone cladding are, take a look at the website of Any Wall Ltd.

3. Lengthy Lifespan

Stone cladded walls live longer. They live longer than cement and much longer than wood. Being one of the strongest building materials, they can withstand forces and do not weaken if you drill holes to put up pictures. They are much more reliable in terms of maintenance and can be taken care of easily.

4. The Green Angle

Getting stone cladded walls helps the environment. The maintenance required, as we have discussed earlier, is relatively less, hence you need not exploit the resources required for a makeover. This in, turn, conserves those resources, resulting in a sustainable approach. Since stone is easily available, it can be sourced locally, thus erasing the requirement for the raw material to be transported over long distances.

5. Rise in Real Estate

Houses which have a stone cladding may be great to look at, may have a lot of style and elegance to them, but they have one more plus point. They can be sold at a higher rate. Actually, it’s not about just selling – you may offer rent at a higher price too! In addition to curb appeal, properties with a stone cladding will also be preferred over those without it, because of multiple reasons.

6. Helps Insulate Rooms

Did you know stone cladding helps insulate your room? Unfortunately, most people don’t. While you could easily get a conventional wall insulated, stone walls come with an all-inclusive insulation package. Hence, it forms one of the best options if you want to save.

7. Goodbye to Repainting

Stone walls, of course, do not require repainting. They look best when left in their original finish – we’re sure you agree. You could however, always put up pretty pictures to make them look even better. Conventional cement walls require a wallpaper or repainting for protection as well as aestheticity.

Stone cladding comes with its perks. You probably need a good investment to get it done, but once it’s complete, there is little to worry about. It improves the look of your garden, if you have one and provides a wonderful look to your home. After all, who doesn’t like to live in a house that’s neat and wonderful? Stone cladding cuts out the requirement for other extra investments and since its stronger, is more resistant to earthquakes and storms. Therefore, it will only be wise to start getting your house a facelift today – one that you probably never have to worry about in the future.


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