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If you are thinking about getting your mom a gift she is sure to love, consider a plant. Not only can they look great, but some can even purify the air in her home. Whether she likes a flowering plant, or ones that don’t produce flowers, there are several options out there. Of course, if your mom has allergies be sure to avoid the worst flowers and plants for those with allergies.

Another thing to think about is actually caring for the flowers. Some flowers take a lot of care and attention, while others are very simple to take care of. If you are specifically looking for options that are easy to care for, you’re in luck. This blog post is going to go over some easy-to-care-for flowers that your mom is sure to love as a gift.


One of the easiest plants to take care of is the cactus. They don’t need a ton of water and attention, and can actually store water in their stems, leaves, and roots. As long as you water them every now and then, that’s about all you need to do to keep them looking good and thriving.

However, cacti generally should be kept where it can get an ample amount of sunlight, too. Also, be careful when handling cacti, and ensure they are kept out of the reach of pets and children, as you don’t want them to hurt themselves.

They are a very beautiful plant with some interesting facts about them that you probably didn’t know. For example, despite their appearance, many people around the world actually consume the plants. If you are looking for something unique and striking to give to your mom, a cactus is a great option.


Pothos are another great option to consider. Often called the “devil’s ivy”, this plant is very capable of surviving in just about every condition, including in low or no-light situations. And whether your mom is a chronic over-waterer or someone who forgets to water their plants, this one is very forgiving.

Not only is this plant easy to care for, but it also grows quite quickly. The leaves are beautiful and this plant can grow quite large but can be trimmed if it is preferable to keep it small. Whether you keep them on a window sill, hanging from the ceiling, or under your harsh office lights, this plant will continue to grow and look good as long as it is watered every once in a while, at least.

Air Plant

indoor houseplant
If your mom loves plants but isn’t a fan of having to deal with things like pots of soil, an air plant might be the perfect option for her. That’s right, these plants can seemingly grow and thrive without the need for soil at all. They are commonly hung around a home and can look incredible and really contribute to the beauty of a space.

All you need to think about when caring for these plants is watering them, keeping them out of direct sunlight, and keeping them in relatively warm or moderate temperatures. As far as how you water them, simply submerge the plant in water once a week for about 30 minutes. Of course, try to dislodge some water after submerging them, and then leave them upside down on a towel to drain before hanging them back up.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are perfect for those who tend to kill their plants with kindness. If your mom waters her plants and flowers a little too much, the peace lily should be the next plant you give her. They can continue to grow and thrive, even after being doused in water.

Of course, they don’t need a ton of water to survive but won’t die if they are accidentally watered too much. They don’t need a ton of light, though giving them enough light will help produce their beautiful flowers. Peace lilies can also purify the air in your home by breaking down toxic gasses and chemicals in the air.

In addition to being fairly simple to grow, and helping to purify the air of a home, these tall and slender plants are also very attractive. Their dark green leaves mixed with their white flowers is truly stunning and can make peace lilies a wonderful addition to any room.

Aloe Vera

While often known for the gel inside their leaves that can soothe cuts and burns, the aloe vera plant itself is often used as decor in a home. Aloe vera hardly needs any watering and giving it water about once every two or three weeks is generally enough. It is good practice to let the soil of the plant dry out in between waterings, and be careful when overwatering.

These plants can handle different temperatures well, but generally prefer a good amount of indirect light to grow their best. If treated correctly, these plants can grow for years without having to be moved or repotted at all. They are truly a low-maintenance option that looks stunning, as well.

English Ivy

English ivy is among the most beautiful hanging plants you can give to your mom. They can hang beautifully from a mantle, a shelf, on a wall itself or even a pot from the ceiling. They can be pruned to be kept manageable, but plenty of people love letting their English ivy grow wildly.

As long as the temperature in your home is consistent, and the plant is kept moist at all times (simply by lightly spraying with water), and it gets a suitable amount of indirect light, this plant is sure to look great and remain healthy.

ZZ Plant

Native to East Africa, this plant is among the most indestructible on the planet. Many of the things that will kill or harm other plants will have little to no effect on the ZZ plant. It can handle low amounts of water, thrive in low-light, and even deal with a lack of humidity.

You could literally do nothing to this plant for quite a while, and return to see it doing just as well as when you left it. The plant does grow quite slow, but this also makes it easy to care for as you won’t need to prune it.

In conclusion, any of these houseplants are sure to put a smile on your mother’s face, and are very easy to care for.

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