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Polyurethane is among the many polymers different industries use. It is one of the best multipurpose polymers manufacturers use. Many people may barely know that the things they are using are polyurethane-based.

The compound is suitable as a coating material, but they are likewise used for electronics, packaging, medical devices, marine, floor furnishings, wood composite, flooring, construction, automotive, appliances, and apparel.

Categories of polyurethanes

Polyurethanes come in four categories: coatings, elastomers, flexible foams, and cross-linked. Each category has a unique application. If you are looking for polyurethane coatings, visit In this article, we are going to discuss polyurethane coatings and their uses.

Applications of polyurethane coating

The number of applications of polyurethane coating makes the product quite impressive. Look at how you can use polyurethane.

  • You can apply polyurethane coating to industrial flooring and floors of commercial buildings. Have you noticed the off-limits lanes in bowling alleys? Did you notice how shiny they are? These areas are shiny and lustrous because of polyurethane coating, helping the bowling ball travel smoothly along the lane. Floors of body shops and aircraft hangars are coated with polyurethane because it is durable.
  • Aerospace-grade polyurethane is used by the United States Marine Corps and Navy. The coating protects the aircraft. Simultaneously it offers fuel efficiency to the aircraft.
  • Industrial equipment. The environment can be harsh to various industries. Polyurethane coatings not only protect precious equipment but also improve efficiency. Polyurethane helps machines work longer.
  • Marine hulls need protection from harsh weather, coastal elements, and saltwater. These things can cause corrosion. Owners use polyurethane to seal parts of all marine vehicles. Polyurethane also seals and secures diving equipment.
  • Polyurethane is strong and durable. Therefore, the materials can be used to protect oil and gas pipelines. The material remains durable and watertight when applied to underwater pipes, as it can withstand harsh environments and high pressure.
  • Metal roofs. Roofs, whether residential or industrial will last longer with a coating of polyurethane. It can save your roof from costly repairs.
  • Wind turbines. The energy efficiency of wind turbines increases with the help of polyurethane coating. The coating is applied to the wind turbine’s bases and blades. Aside from improving efficiency, the coating protects the entire turbine as well.

Other uses of polyurethane material

You will be surprised to know that polyurethane is used in so many things. Your lightweight, stretchable garments and spandex fibers are made possible with the use of fine threads made of polyurethane and nylon. Advances in manufacturing techniques allow leathers and synthetic skins from polyurethane to produce stronger accessories, sports clothes, and other garments.

Many appliances use polyurethanes. Freezers and refrigerators use rigid polyurethane foams to provide thermal insulation systems, which is essential in achieving a cost-effective way to resist the transfer of heat.

Several parts of cars and trucks have polyurethane foam. You can find polyurethane foam in car seats, car body, doors, spoilers, windows, interior ceilings, and bumpers. The polyurethane adds more mileage to the vehicles by increasing fuel economy, reducing weight, and enhancing sound absorption, insulation, corrosion resistance, and comfort.

These are just a few of the varied applications and uses of polyurethane. If you’re a homeowner, look up how polyurethane can help you reduce energy usage, improve insulation, and make your home more comfortable.


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