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E-commerce has made businesses and savvy internet users millions in profits. And with the e-commerce continuing on an upward trajectory, many other businesses are yearning to get a piece of the action. A business forecast by Statista sales shows that the number of business entering the E-commerce foray will grow by 41 percent in 2018.

Despite these impressive statistics, however, many other businesses are falling off the e-commerce train. Many of such ventures lack a marketing plan to reach out to a target market and overcome the stiff competition. In a word, many e-commerce start-ups are courting disaster for lack of a quality digital marketing blueprint. If you are not familiar with the Marketing Mix and if you don’t have the expertise to do it by your own, you should contact an E-commerce agency which will lead you the right way, such as Digitawise – BigCommerce certified partner. You can check their website here.

If you cant afford hiring an agency, here are some tips on how to improve your business:

Digital marketing blueprint- an overview

When it comes to e-commerce to grow your business, a digital marketing plan is a spectrum of tactics a site owner employs in prospecting, reaching out, and connecting with prospective clients. A site owner should, thus, understand how each of the strategies in their marketing arsenal helps them attain their overarching goals.

The 5 Tenets of a Quality Digital Marketing Blueprint:

  1. Optimize for the target market

The ultimate objective in e-commerce is reaching out to the audience and turning them into clients. Optimizing entails understanding the needs of the target audience, choosing the right channel to reach out to them and craft content that entices them to buy.

  1. The power of quality

Today’s digital marketing isn’t just about pushing fishy products on users face. The product proposition should be conveyed in an enticing format that helps users make the right decisions. The pictures used should be top notch and match with the descriptions provided. In essence, the sales info ought to create great imagery in users’ mind thus opening the way for a likely purchase decision.

  1. Connect with the buyer

Basing on studies by BI intelligence, e-commerce ventures that succeed to connect with their target audience register 71 percent more sales as the satisfied buyers often make repeat clients. Satisfied buyers are also more likely to recommend a given brand to others. Connecting with the user entails making content available across platforms such as on mobile platforms, tablets, and desktops.

  1. Exercising simplicity

Online shopping is supposed to be more convenient, practical and mobile. The best digital marketing blueprint ought to ensure that users can quickly make purchases on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. Besides ease of shopping, a good marketing plan ought to incorporate social elements to allow sharing thus improve outreach.

  1. The art of pricing

In the realm of e-commerce, pricing can make or break a site. Users want webmasters and site owners to cost-justify that they will benefit by spending money on given products.  That said, it’s not always easy for e-commerce sites to find the pricing sweet spot that will entice users to buy yet generate revenues that will improve their bottom line.

Bottom line

Digital marketing is an art and an act of magic that e-commerce owners must get right to flourish. Digital marketing entails balancing between meeting the needs of today’s demanding consumer, the fast-evolving market trends and the stiff competition. A right way to succeed is collaborating with an experienced hand to craft a digital marketing strategy that guarantees long-term success.



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