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Here are some easy craft ideas that will come in handy over Christmas break or if you are having any family get-togethers with kids. Hosting a Christmas or New Years get together, these are easy activities to keep little hands busy. My boys love doing fun holiday-themed crafts.

We recently did these crafts on our Christmas break, and my boys loved it. A great tip is to use a cupcake pan to hold a variety of craft items (buttons, pom poms, googly eyes, ribbon, etc.)

1. Cardboard Gingerbread Man – This is where all that Amazon Prime shopping comes in handy, use your empty boxes and cut out gingerbread shapes. You can print a template to trace if you need. Then let the kids decorate with glitter, pieces of ribbon, buttons, googly eyes, and any other craft items you may have. They could also use paint, crayons, and markers.

2. DIY Puff Paint Snowman – All you need is shaving cream, glue, and optional glitter. Mix a baseball size amount of shaving cream, with about 3-4 Tablespoons of glue I just squeeze the bottle and eyeball it. You can also stir in some white glitter to make it sparkle.

3. Paint Pinecones – I love this one because we usually talk about this ahead of time and go on a hunt for good sized pinecones. I love to take the boys to the park and let them look for pinecones they know they can turn into painted Christmas trees or DIY ornaments. If you have star-shaped buttons you can use those or construction paper to create your star. We used a piece of an empty toilet paper roll on the bottom. This helps too if you have a leaning pinecone, just position it on the toilet paper roll stump and hot glue it.

Some other tips, throw a movie-themed party if you show the Grinch movie, set out green food, green punch and green treats. If you show the Frozen movie, make blue rice Krispie treats, let the kids decorate their own snowflake shaped sugar cookie, etc.

You could set up a hot chocolate bar, and let the kids create their own marshmallow skewer to go in their hot chocolate.

All you need: skewers, 3 large marshmallows per skewer, I used a food marker for eyes and buttons, but you could use mini chocolate chips, candy corn for a carrot nose and pretzel sticks for arms and legs.

I hope you enjoy this Christmas Season with your family and friends and I hope these ideas help create fun, festive memories with your children. Although the crafts are fun, the most important thing is the time we spend with our little ones, they grow up so fast. I know I still look back fondly at the memories I have baking Christmas treats with my mom to deliver to our neighbors and friends.

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