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America is a country of abundant opportunities. For those who live in the USA or not, studying there will become a wonderful experience. America is a very popular country for students because there are lots of great universities with various specializations. Several decades ago nobody would believe that studying in the US for foreigners could be ever possible. Now each higher educational institution is open for people of different nationalities. It is an outstanding advantage for contemporary generations.

Each unique state has profound options for gaining the education. If you dream of living next to the ocean, look for California universities. If you are more into the tranquil and peaceful lifestyle, search universities in Ohio. And the same can be said about all the other states which have something special to offer. However, lots of people say that US studying doesn’t suit everyone. It has some drawbacks which each prospective student has to consider. So let’s figure out what is hidden behind the real American education.

Advantages of Studying in America

– There are lots of programs and specializations. You can find criminal justice major info at Gwynedd Mercy’s website, and by doing more online research you can find virtually any educational direction that you wish to take.

– Age is not important. America is the country where you can find people of different age groups studying in one group. And it is normal here. Even if you graduated several years ago but now you want to try something else, you are welcome for enrollment. Furthermore, adults have sometimes higher chances to get in the institution because they already have some working experience.
– There are lots of variants for exchange programs. It is how you can try living in the USA or other countries. This option is an excellent opportunity to travel and broaden your mind. It is awesome to have friends all over the world, isn’t it?
– You can win a scholarship. Everything depends on your scores. You can easily apply for the scholarship because there are no limitations. It is a great opportunity to cover the expenses for the education itself.
– Here is the most flexible organization of studying process. You can choose courses, teachers, time for classes, individual work very easily. This country appreciates student’s time, and you can easily combine work and study.
– You get practical skills. Lots of higher educational institutions offer practical experience. It is a great opportunity to try yourself in the professional sphere and enlarge your networking circle.
– Have fun with different outdoor and indoor activities. University is not only about attending classes. In America there are lots of student organizations where you can practice sport, art or any other hobby, Just think about those baseball and basketball student competitions. That is worth trying.
– Having an American diploma, you are more competitive in the professional field. It is known that employers are more likely to hire graduates from The Ivy League or other popular universities.
– You receive lots of job offers after graduation. Universities cooperate with different companies. Employers are just waiting for students to graduate. You may even not spend a day looking for a job. With an American education, job offers come to you at once.
– Study and travel. You can discover different interesting places over the whole country. Students usually get lots of discounts for visiting tourist attractions.
– You can join interesting organizations such as leadership programs. You will have to study a lot and prove that you deserve to become a member. However, if you manage to get there, you will get a wonderful experience.

Disadvantages of Studying in America

– American education is pretty expensive. If you are not from the USA, you may have to consider the currency exchange rate. This number often varies and may cause financial difficulties. In addition, there is no guarantee that you will win a scholarship each semester. You will have to work a lot on your academic performance to get financial help.
– Each state has specific requirements and specialties of higher education. There can be variations in curriculum, standards, application documents, and other factors. You need to check each state separately to know if there are any specific rules.
– You may experience homesickness. If your hometown is far from the USA, you may not have lots of chances to visit your nearest and dearest. Loneliness is another negative side of studying abroad.
– While studying abroad, you need to push yourself beyond your limits. Some people may treat you not equally because you are a foreigner. This stereotypical thinking doesn’t happen always, but you are never protected from such prejudice. Be ready that you will have to be competitive to show that you deserve to study there.
– If English is not your mother tongue, you will have to prove your knowledge of the language. There are many tests which can help you do this. For example, most American universities require TOEFL or IELTS tests. It may take time for preparation to get the desired score.
– There can be obligatory courses which you have to take even if you don’t want to.

What to Do?

Education in the USA has both advantages and disadvantages. You have to consider both positive and negative sides when making the final decision. Everything depends on your personality. If you want to have American diploma, start moving forward to achieving your goal. You will have mesmerizingly exciting time because you will meet new friends, learn about another country, traditions, and just get useful experience.

If some of the mentioned above disadvantages hinder you from applying, think about possible ways to overcome that difficulty. You can turn any minus into plus if you want to. All you need is to push harder to get what you are passionate about. Dreams about American education are not dreams anymore. In our modern-day world, it is a realistic goal which you need to seize eagerly.


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