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As we age, soft crinkly skin is likely to develop in certain parts of our body, especially on the face and neck areas. The ripple effect most often on the arms, thighs, and legs is what is called Crepey skin. For women and men alike, this is one disturbing interference with natural looks and could injure our self-esteem.

As a result, you will need to find credible ways to get rid of crepey skin, especially before a date. Since crinkly skin is a sure sign of aging, you will need the following tips to have your skin looking smooth and sweet again.

But before look at how to treat crepey skin, you will need to look at the causes if you stand a chance of getting through with it.

First, you need to differentiate wrinkles from the crepey skin as they have specific similarities that you ought to check. Lines often form as a result of tired skin and motions around the area of your skin and free radicals. On the other hand, crepey skin develops due to the thinning of skin making the surface to form creases due to declined collagen. You will need to take caution when treating any of the two as they may occur concurrently on the skin. In the majority of women, crepey skin is directly linked to the age factor and lack of proper diet.

1. Creams

For women, the sooner the crepey skin disappears from their body, the better for them, and that it what creams offer. However, research on the use of cosmetics reveals there exists lots of counterfeit creams or some with harmful ingredients. Thus, it is advisable to seek advice from your dermatologist to get the best cream for your skin type.

Creams erase crepey skin by empowering the surface to retain moisture and prevent loss of moisture from the skin. You are likely to get instant results from the use of cream on your skin as compared to the use of other means as it is directly applied to the surface. When sourcing for cream, get a wrinkle killing cream that is rich in Vitamin E and C to help in skin firming.

2. Gradual Weight Loss

Losing a few pounds tends to appear in our list of the new resolution, especially as we age and we have little time to visit the gym, and the doctor recommends loss of a few Kgs. What we fail to recognize in our weight loss journey is that rapid weight loss fails to give your skin time to adjust. It is that failure to adapt that causes crepey skin as elastin and collagen are quickly lost.

So instead of getting on a crushing schedule on how to lose 10kgs in three weeks, get a plan that allows you lose a few pounds every week. The reduced pace will give your skin enough time to adjust and repair internal tissues preventing the chances of getting a wrinkled and saggy face.

When you have a date fast approaching yet you need to look perfect for the date, get dry skin brushing and exfoliation to trigger firmer skin. The two procedures are a quick fix to the problem to get you ready for the date. However, avoid aggressive plans to lose weight as they might lead to more health complications. Take a balanced diet and exercise regularly to give your skin enough time to heal.

3. Avoid Over Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Though the sun is an excellent source of vital nutrients that aid in nourishing the skin, overexposure leads to accumulation of free radicals that accelerate signs of old age on the surface. Besides, the sun helps in regulating moods and getting enough sleep. However, do not overexpose your skin to the sun, afternoon sun is harmful to your skin. Thus, you will need effective ways of preventing your skin from damage by the UV rays from the sun.

Sunscreen creams are some of the most important means of protecting your skin. Before stepping out of the house, gently apply a good sunscreen on the skin. Next, on line reduce the amount of time you spend under the hot afternoon sun. To protect your eyes from the UV rays ensure you have sunglasses on every time you are ought to prevent a crepey skin forming around your eyes. You will be happy to note the tricks above avoiding the worsening of crepey skin.

However, you will notice it is practically impossible to protect your skin from UV rays. As a result, it is essential you apply your preferred sunscreen two hours before leaving the house to give it enough time to get absorbed by the sun. Finally, always try to cover your skin with a scarf to prevent wrinkles forming and sunburns that accelerate crepey skin formation on your skin days before your date.

4. Observe a Healthy Balanced Diet and Exercise

No routine or products can supplement what a healthy diet would do for the prevention of crepey skin formation. When you correctly nourish your skin with vitamins and antioxidants, enabling your skin fight the signs of aging from inside. Always watch you eat and make deliberate efforts to eat fruits and mineral supplements to ensure the skin is firm and firm from the roots.

When you eat right, ensure you enroll in exercise classes that have beginner classes progressing on to advanced levels. Exercising helps vital in getting a firm skin and prevents excessive weight gain which could cause crepey skin.

5. Take Enough Water

Your body needs at least two litters of water every day for normal body functioning. When your body lacks enough moisture, the crepey skin will form without further considerations. Moisture is vital in collagen production an element crucial for proper skin growth. Besides, humidity helps in keeping your skin elastic and balances your skin oil levels and PH preventing skin breakouts. Thus, make it your goal to drink enough water and avoid carbonated drinks. Also, you can take watery fruits such as watermelon to supplement water intake in the body.

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