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Writing this post, we want to say the tips are for kids, but it is the parent who has to look into it and make sure that their children are adopting healthy food habits or not. So, let’s start with the tips.

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1. Make food purchases and related decisions: In your house, let you be the judge and decide what food your kids will eat. While shopping, be the judge and decide what food should be purchase. This is important because kids will always request their parents to opt for less nutritious food that entertains their taste buds but are no good for them. Having said that, you should make it a point to include their preferences too, but limit the scale of inclusion. This will give them limited options and they will soon start appreciating the healthy food items available around them.

2. Don’t be the boss: In the previous point we asked you to judge what is to be served to them and what will be purchased from the grocery and here we are asking you not to be the boss. No, we are not contradicting ourselves. Here, we are saying that don’t order them to eat what you give them, but create a need for it and let them ask for healthy food item. If you are forcing them to eat something, they might eat it, but switch to unhealthy options whenever they get an opportunity.

3. Teach them about healthy food habits: If they know the benefits of the same, they will ask for it whenever they feel that they are troubled by a particular issue. If they have no idea about the benefits of food they consume, they will rarely opt for healthy food items. So, it is your responsibility to let them know about healthy food habits.

4. Let them eat as much as they want: Parents often force their children to clean their plate and make it by not leaving behind anything in the plate. However, this is not a good thing to do because your child has a limit and they know their limit better than you. So, give them the liberty to stop as and when they feel like stopping. Don’t force them to have an extra bowl or a couple of extra spoons of a particular food item.

5. Get them into healthy food routine: Good food routine will keep them hungry at the right time and they will not feel the need to consume junk food. In most of the cases, people opt for junk food only because they do not get the right meal at the right time. So, let them fall into a routine and you will be happy about them adopting healthy food habits.

6. Start when they are young: Molding their habits when they are young will be easy for you. As they grow older, they start thinking and using their brains at a higher speed. So, they calculate their advantages and disadvantages on their own. So, if you have set a good base for them, they will adopt healthy habits in the future. This means that you will not have to force anything onto them, they will ask for it willingly.

7. Replace drink options: If you give them sweetened drinks and soda, they will enjoy it and the extra calories will be added on to their body. It will even keep them away from healthy options available for them. So, it is important to make some modifications in this section. You can replace these unhealthy options with water and milk. Get them in the habit of having more of water and milk at regular intervals and you will notice the difference.

8. Sweets: Don’t give them too much, but don’t keep them away from it too. It is important to let them enjoy sweets occasionally. If you keep them away from sweets all the time, they will feel the stress and will opt for sweets every time you are not around.

As a parent, things can be really difficult, but if you are determined to teach them the right lessons without hurting them, make things fun for them.

For example, if they love a particular cartoon character, you can look for those cartoon characters stuck on various products they use. To make them drink milk, you can lure them that they will get milk in their favorite cartoon character glass. Likewise, there are many things you can make them do only because they like a particular cartoon character.

Apart from cartoon characters, you can even think of other ways such as getting them a uniquely designed glass. Think of ways and you will definitely be happy about instilling good food habits in your kids.

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