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Summer is an amazing time for the kids. The adults get a little more space with the renewed and exciting availability of outdoor areas, and your young ones get the delight of being able to spend more time in nature, whether that involves outside playtime, camping, and learning about their surroundings. Plus, just the ability for little ones to have the freedom to truly run and play is priceless — every parent wants their kids to have that experience.

It’s also an easier time to travel. Even if you’re not going a very long distance, there are no bulky coat fights with your toddler and if they kick their shoes off, you don’t need to worry about if their little feet are too cold. That being said, summer does come with its own set of safety challenges. Here’s a guide that will help you keep your child safe, so everyone can relax and have a great summer season.

Beat the heat.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention children age four and under are at the highest risk of falling victim to heat-related illnesses, like heat stroke. The New York Times talks about how children, even older children, aren’t going to tell you when they’re overheating because they’re living so “in the moment.” Since children sweat less than adults, their bodies aren’t nearly as efficient with regulating their body temperature. That means that even if your child isn’t running around, they could still get significantly overheated.

To prevent this, make sure you dress your children weather appropriate in breathable, light-colored clothes. It’s important to take other precautions, too. If your child is spending a significant amount of time in his or her stroller during a really hot day, even the hood of the stroller isn’t going to be enough to keep them cool. It’s important to find the best stroller fan for your child’s needs. Compare the highest-rated reviews on Stroller Buzz, so you can really get a good idea of the difference between an OPOLAR Clip-on Stroller Fan and a Glovion Micro USB Rechargeable Cooling Fan. One might work better for your (and your kid’s) lifestyle, so make sure you take the time to do your research.

Sun safety.

Anyone with kids knows how much of a fight it can be to get the sunscreen on before outdoor time. You also know that getting them to reapply isn’t a particularly simple task, and usually ends in the conversation about how “it’s not fair.” If you haven’t had, “it’s in my eyes,” screamed at you, are you really a parent? As you’re aware, the sun’s UV rays don’t care what’s fair and what isn’t fair, so it’s still your responsibility to keep them safe from sunburn, therefore helping them to prevent skin cancer down the road.

Thankfully, a new kind of brush-on mineral powder sunscreen for kids was created to keep the peace. It’s water-resistant for up to eighty minutes, has SPF 30 protection, is reef-friendly, and it’s great for kids’ sensitive skin. Your kid’s eyes will never sting again, and they won’t feel like an oil slick when you hug them. You can finally throw a drama-free pool party with your friends and their kids. Kick back, have a few alcoholic beverages, and enjoy the sunshine.

Just keep swimming.

Although pools and beaches are incredibly fun places to visit during summer, they can also pose a threat if your child isn’t properly prepared. One of the top causes of deaths in children, unfortunately, is drowning. Even the most well-attended child can make one mistake in the water that could be life-threatening if he or she can’t swim. Before the summer rolls around, consider taking your child to swim lessons, so they can learn about pool safety, and the basic mechanics of swimming, which could save their lives. Pool floaties are also a great option that can keep your kiddo safe.


Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash


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