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Are you wondering how to get some birds into your yard to liven up your home? Canada can be the perfect place to find all different kinds of birds that could be soon checking out your yard. Check out some St Albert homes for sale to get a look at some amazing properties that will surely bring some amazing birds. Here are a few extra tips to attracting all the birds you want and love!

1.   Bird Feeders

Bird feeders will be the most important part of attracting birds to your yard when you please. Also, acquiring the right bird seed for the right birds will allow you to add a little variety to the birds that fly into your yard.

Different feeders will allow certain types of birds to come into your yard to feed on the feeder you have. Hanging feeders will typically draw in perching birds, while suet feeders will attract more insect-feeding birds. One type of feeder that could draw in a certain species of bird is a hummingbird feeder. These can be DIY and only require water and sugar. Knowing what birds eat will increase the population and variety of the birds that you see flying around your yard daily.

2.   Shelter

Allowing birds to stay safe and away from the elements, will bring their comfort level up even more. This can bring a variety of benefits that could have your yard flourishing with birds.

Having a place that the birds can raise young could be the first steps to securing a thriving brid population around your home. This can be a key element to keeping a certain species around, since the birds will be nesting around the feeders. If you have a shelter that the birds can lay eggs in, the nest will bring you all different kinds of birds that could simply brighten up your day in an instant.

Regardless of how your house is set up, a shelter is a must for birds to really stay around, without one, the population will not thrive as much.

3.   Water

This may be the most important element of any backyard established for attracting birds. There will be no birds where there is no water.

The more water you have around your house will determine how many birds will be able to live around that source. Typically, the noisier the water, the better, as the sound of the flowing water can be very beautiful to wild birds. Birds will be drawn from all over to clean and drink. Add a pump to your bird bath to add that extra noise that will attract birds from all over.



Photo by Jennifer Marcus on Unsplash


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