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Lockdown has been hard for everyone but if you have a birthday during the pandemic then it’s extra tough. So, here are some tips for hosting a teen birthday party during lockdown.

Black Tie Dinner Would Be Great

All you need is our finery and family.

A birthday party does not have to exciting when held in a restaurant dining in style. It can still be fun and fancy when you host the party at home. Plan for a special evening by organizing something special such as a black-tie dinner celebration. Start by sending out invitations, notify every one of the dress-code and make sure that you prepare at least three of their favorite meals, not forgetting the birthday cake. Is it not a good idea to invite a few friends so that you can have someone to celebrate with? This is a good idea and will make the occasion more interesting and fun for everyone.

Pool Party

If you’re looking for an awesome idea to celebrate a teen’s birthday during lockdown, how about throwing a super fun pool party? It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while staying safe and socially distant. Picture this: a pool decked out with colorful inflatables, and even personalized pool floats with everyone’s names on them! How cool is that? These custom pool float designs from Custom Inflatables will serve as decor parts, safety tools and can even be memorable party favors. And let’s not forget the pool games that will keep the excitement going all day long. So, get ready for a fantastic birthday bash that everyone will remember for years to come! Grab your swimsuits and let’s make this celebration one for the books!

Treasure Hunting

Use birthday presents and sweet treats as treasure.

Treasure hunting might seem like a game for kids, but no one ever gets old for treasure hunting, especially during a birthday party. This is also another way of enjoying a birthday party during a lockdown. Make the game interesting by hiding clues in different sections of the house and then ask your teen to search for the hidden treasure. You can also get creative when doing this and use rhymes as well as ideas from other family members. Take a look online for some great gifts for teens.

Birthday Movie In The Evening

Things you need: popcorn, blankets and a selection of favorite movies

Before you get all excited about your teen birthday party and start planning things ahead, it is vital that you find out what he or she wants to do. Sometimes teens want to do nothing at all during their birthday except watch their favorite movies over and over again. If that is the case, then make sure that you have enough blankets and snacks such as popcorn and soda to keep them busy while watching movies. If you do not have an idea of what to watch, you can always get ideas from various blogs that recommend plenty of family films.

You Can Host A Quiz

You will need a computer, quiz questions and FaceTime or any other group.

Another way of making sure that you have fun during your teen birthday party is by hosting a quiz. Moreover, this is also considered to be a convenient way of staying connected with friends and family. All you have to do is be creative and come up with simple questions that your teenager will be easy to answer. Questions can be about them or about something that they really like. Connect with family and friends on Zoom and enjoy playing the game together. You can also include a party theme to make the moment more exciting for your teen.

Use Personalized Cards

You will need supplies for art and craft or look for personalized cards from a website such as Thortful.

This is not an idea for your teen’s birthday party, but it is a way of making your teen feel loved and special during this special moment. Add a classic touch to the birthday party by sticking personalized cards around the house. Write a message on the cards to remind your teen how much you care about them. If you do not have art and craft supplies for making these cards, you can buy some of them from the internet. There are many websites that offer personalize birthday cards such as Thortful.

Pamper Your Teen

You will need facemasks, nail polish, bubble bath, cucumber slices, candles, and even dressing gowns.

Teens do not like being treated the same way. Some enjoy having a birthday party with friends and family, while others like getting pampered. Therefore, you might want to turn a section of your house into a designer spa. All you have to do is choose one room and pretend that it is a spa. Enhance the lighting in the room by lighting a few candles and play some cool music in the background. After that, treat your teen by running a lovely bath and then put a facemask on them (facemask can be prepared at home) and slices of cucumber on their eyes. You can also massage your teen and polish their nails so that they can feel relaxed.

These are some of the best ways of enjoying a teen’s birthday party during a lockdown.


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