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Getting married is one of the most memorable events of life. Organizing a wedding can be fun, but also tiring. There are important decisions to make. The COVID-19 crisis has made wedding planning even more challenging. After having postponed their special day for months, many couples are now wondering how to make this special event possible. Here are some ideas.

Guest lists

There are many of us who would like the whole world to celebrate with us. However, as per the directives of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gatherings of more than 50 people are ill advised. Instead of a limitation, think of this cap on attendance as an opportunity. It is a chance to make your wedding truly special by inviting only the closest and most important people. There are many more things you can say and do in a gathering composed only of dear friends and family. A smaller gathering also presents other benefits. According to The Knot Worldwide, a small guest list allows couples to save on décor, stationery, rentals, and catering.

For some, a short list could pose the challenge of deciding whom to leave out. The solution to this can be really simple. Prepare two lists, primary and secondary, both in order of priority. The primary list would consist of people you definitely want to invite. The secondary list would have people you would like to invite if possible. Limit the primary list to the venue cap. Invite people from the secondary list only if there are cancellations on the primary.


Suppliers are at the heart of any wedding planning process. The planner, venue manager, caterer, decorator, and other vendors play important roles. In many parts of the US more than 90% of would-be couples have rescheduled their weddings to the last quarter of the year and beyond. That means many vendors are currently available, and willing to offer generous discounts. To get even better deals consider having the wedding on a Monday or a Thursday. These are the least sought-after days of the week for weddings. You would also have a wider choice of venues for the same price range.


When it comes to weddings, Americans have discovered some ingenious budget hacks. For example, city parks and outdoor gardens can be available as wedding venues for low or no cost. Smaller gatherings are easier to manage. Outdoor weddings are becoming more common. Another trend is to have virtual weddings on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. These events are unaffected by social distancing norms, with the possibility of inviting any number of people. Virtual weddings are often followed by virtual dance parties. Small party packages containing champagne and other celebratory items are sent to invitees beforehand. You can order these goodies from vendors anywhere in the world and send money online to conveniently pay your suppliers.

Shopping online

Online shopping for wedding attires has gained much popularity since the lockdowns. Shopping online here for wedding needs like rings is faster and less stressful than visiting stores. It can also be a lot cheaper. Shopping online presents the unique advantage of browsing many stores in a short time from the comfort of home. Stores such as David’s bridal and Azazie offer hundreds of online options for dresses and tuxes starting from $100, all the way to $3,500.

Getting a marriage license

Despite the lockdown measures getting marriage licenses is still possible. With the closure of physical offices many states including Florida, Illinois, California, and Kansas are accepting online applications for marriage licenses. The Governor of California signed an executive order in April, which allows Californian couples to obtain marriage licenses via videoconferencing.

Final thoughts

The hardest part of getting married is finding the right partner. Having done that, there is no reason to delay tying the knot. 2020 is as good a year as any to get married. Use the prevailing circumstances to your advantage. Set an example to follow throughout a long, happy married life.

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Hemant G is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs LLC, a Digital and Content Marketing Agency. When he’s not writing, he loves to travel, scuba dive, and watch documentaries.

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