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With most people’s hectic lifestyles today, it is easy to understand just why the one-pot is gaining more and more popularity. Couple this with all the nutritional aspects that it provides, and it is more than easy to see why most average homes have at least one pressure cooker or similar appliance. When arriving home for a long day at the office, no one wants to spend hours making an entire meal. Luckily, this is a scenario that you can avoid altogether when you take advantage of the casserole. Casseroles are one of the oldest culinary concepts on the planet, but they are still far too underutilized in today’s hectic world. Just take a look at all the benefits that the basic casserole dish has to offer.

Saves Time

This one is probably apparent right from the start, but it is worth mentioning because time is the most important thing. Whether it is extra time to spend with the kids or extra time to get more work done, everyone can use a little extra time. Time is always a concern when it comes to cooking and with the right casserole recipes, time will be on your side this time. With a pressure cooker, you don’t even have to take the time to cut fresh veggies. You can load in frozen veggies in your cooker and they’ll come out tasting better than ever. However, with the time that you’ll save on the cook, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a few extra minutes to do some prep work.

Prep, Freeze and Serve

One of the biggest advantages of a dish like the Instant Pot Israeli Couscous is that it is one you can prepare ahead of time. It is true that most dishes can be frozen, there are some guidelines with a lot of casserole dishes. For instance, any dish that contains pasta, rice, or beans will have to be cooked the day you are serving them. This is because they would otherwise become mushy. If you’re going to have a crunchy topping on your casserole, you’ll also have to do it the day of. Luckily, the Couscous doesn’t require any of these things, so it is truly a dish that you can make before, freeze, unfreeze, heat, and serve.

Room To Experiment

Another great thing about the casserole dish is that there is always room for experimentation. Just the slightest changes and you could have an entirely different dish at the end of the experiment. Whatever the situation is, room to experiment is always great because you’ll never know when you find yourself in a situation where you’re missing an ingredient or two. Instead, of wasting hours running back out to the store, you can simply opt for something else. This will save you time and money, and you’ll likely still come out with a fantastic dish that the entire family will love.


The casserole might be one of the oldest culinary concepts in the world, but you can clearly see that there is always room to experiment and play around. When you have the ability to do just this, you’ll never be stuck with the same old boring dish.



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