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Do you know what the 2016 Presidential Candidates think about homeschooling and education?

 Just an FYI, these posts are not an endorsement of any candidate.

Thanks to HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) you can learn about each of the candidate’s position on homeschooling, governments role in homeschooling and governments role in education.  This invitation for an interview with Michael Farris, Chairman and founding president of HSLDA, extended interviews to each 2016 candidate.  Says a lot if they won’t participate doesn’t it?

It’s really important to get to know each candidate and what their positions are on as many issues as you can.   Be an informed voter, teach your children to be informed voters. As a homeschool mom, knowing what each candidate thinks about homeschooling is an extremely important issue to me and I’m sure it is to you also.  But what the candidates thing on homeschooling can be really tough to find out.  Hopefully all of the candidates will agree to be interviewed.  There are many things we need to know as homeschool parents.

  • Do they support homeschooling?
  • How much federal/state regulation do they believe in?
  • What about Common Core?  Do they support it?  Do they call it something else?  Do they want to get rid of it?
  • What about the United Nation’s treaty that many have supported that would take away parental rights and hand them over to the United Nations? For more information on the treaty Click Here
  • What are their voting records in terms of family, faith and freedoms

As you can see, a lot is at stake in 2016.  This election effects all of us and has the potential to effect homeschooling and how we get to homeschool in the future.

For Ben Carson’s interview click here.

For Marco Rubio’s interview click here.

For Ted Cruz’s interview click here.

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