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Parents are always looking for fun ways to help their kids build healthy habits and get regular exercise.In the winter, this can be especially difficult as the weather dips below zero. Since the days are getting shorter, this can also cut into the time spent at the park walks. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should set an unhealthy pattern of staying home on the couch. What if you could open your back door into a world of fun, fantasy and active adventure with something as simple as a play set?

Parents and kids of all ages can now enjoy professional-grade swing sets and jungle gyms. By creating the right play environment, you can encourage your children to be active and imaginative. As they grow, you can even adjust their jungle gym to suit their size and interests adding on fun features like a basketball net and climbing rope. It is the perfect solution for young children who can get bored easily and need to work off their extra energy.

If you’re interested in creating your first outdoor play set, talk with a professional company to determine the right size for your family and yard space. There are several options to consider. Many play sets are customizable for different activities and age groups. Look for a system that is easy to install, safety-rated and made of durable materials, such as wood, metal and heavy-duty plastic.

Some cities have harsh winters and hot summers. Consider getting metal swing sets for your play set – they’re durable, weather-resistant and stand up to years of fun. Even when it’s cold outside, your children still need to get outside to play. An outdoor playset is always there when you need it. Your kids will also build their imagination and cooperation skills with additional accessories that stimulate growing minds.

The best backyard jungle gyms and swing sets include enhanced safety features. Long gone are the rickety wooden slides of our youth. Psychological studies have shown that kids learn from mimicking their parent’s behavior. Instead of plunking yourself on the couch, why not institute one hour per day of fun, active play? Parents usually need about the same. Whether your family engages in a game of tag, a basketball tournament, or climbing a ladder to a slide, you’ll stay fit and bond as a unit.

Don’t forget that older kids love games, too. Sports increase physical well-being and promote healthy social skills and teamwork. Families can organize themselves into teams to play games with rules and scoring. A basketball hoop or volleyball net is easy to install and keeps your kids moving for hours. You might even find yourself challenged to a one-on-one tournament as you come home from work! If you’re based in Ontario and are searching for the best selection of basketball equipment in Toronto, check out the Canadian manufacturer Play Rainbow. Their selection of basketball systems has safety features built in for young children and expands as your children grow.Healthy bonding time allows your family to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Make your afternoon or weekend ritual as easy as stepping outside into your backyard. It’s not too late to invest in a high-quality playset that can be enjoyed all-year round.


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