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The high remarriage rates for men and women prove that many people are taking a chance on marriage, both after a heartbreak and after beginning parenthood. Whether you are getting married after a divorce or taking the modern route and tying the knot after starting a family, planning a wedding with kids involved can involve a whole new set of considerations. For parents getting married, including their children in the wedding ceremony and planning process may be very important. It can be a sweet way of helping children to feel included and helping you ensure your child is happy. As a bonus, it can also be a wonderful family memory to look back on in years to come. However, it can also come with additional stressors and roadblocks that you may need to navigate around. Whether it is finding the right role for them in your ceremony, or working out how to balance everyone’s needs in the wedding planning process, here’s a quick guide to blending parenthood and dream wedding planning into one happy combination.

Give Them A Special Reading Or Role On The Day

One way to include your children in your wedding is to add them to your wedding party. You may ask your child to escort you down the aisle or be part of the bridal procession. It is also not uncommon for parents to create roles for their children in their weddings, such as by giving them a dedicated speech slot or having them stand at the altar with you during the ceremony. If you have younger children, another option is to make them ring bearers or flower girls for the ceremony. This also opens up the opportunity for you to make your child part of your nuptials by including them in bridal fittings. Taking them along with you to explore your bridal style or choose their flower girl dress can be a great bonding moment.

Ask Them To Help Choose The Menu 

Most families find it easier to involve their child from the beginning. Getting their opinion during the wedding process can get them excited about the big day, and help them feel as if it is a family affair. For most couples planning a family-friendly wedding, getting the menu right can be tricky.

The great thing is that you can make your wedding menu selection process a parent and child activity. Getting their input on menu ideas helps you choose a wedding menu that will appeal to kids and adults alike. If you are worried about having too many child-oriented dishes, why not preselect a list for your child to choose from? Alternatively, you can set up a children’s snack table or dessert station – a task for your child.

Be Prepared For Things To Go Wrong

If you have young children and want to have them involved in the wedding ceremony, there is always that element of uncertainty. For instance, you may choose to have your child do a speech at the wedding reception, but on the day, they may experience stage fright or change their minds. While it is important to involve them in the planning process to get them excited, you must also remember to be flexible. Don’t be afraid to think of alternative arrangements: consider who you could ask to step in to do a wedding speech or act as a babysitter if your child is feeling unwell on the day. This way you can be confident that your child is taken care of, leaving you to enjoy the festivities.

The common saying is that your wedding should be a special day for just you and your other half. When you have children, it becomes a family affair. Tying the knot with kids in tow is a chance to celebrate the new life you and your family are about to embark on. A few simple ideas to keep your children included and important in your wedding can help you create memories that both you and your children will cherish forever.

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