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Life in the country is beneficial to physical, emotional and mental health. In fact, country children have better motor skills than city kids, the World Economic Forum reports. The freedom they experience in the great outdoors helps them to develop key skills faster and even enjoy greater equality in society upon adulthood. Raising children in the country ultimately supports all aspects of health and family connection.

Healthier environment

With far less traffic and pollution, the country is a healthier environment for your children to live in, both in terms of air quality and a reduced risk of road accidents. For example, Hill Country in Texas is a beautiful rural area home to over a dozen Texas counties. You’ll find there’s plenty of Hill Country land for sale to suit a range of budgets. In particular, Blanco is a charming riverside town in Hill Country, and a popular destination for its cool, clean and clear water. Your children will love spending summers swimming outdoors, enjoying nature, and making friends with the local children.

Strengthen connection to nature

In today’s increasingly busy and urbanized world, it’s so important to form a meaningful connection with nature. Living in the country gives your children plenty of opportunity to play, explore, learn and relax outside, and reap the physical and mental benefits. Short nature walks have been proven to relieve stress, depression and symptoms of ADHD. In one study, children who lived in locations with low levels of vegetation had a 30% increased risk of stress-related, neurotic or psychosomatic disorders, as well as a higher risk of substance abuse and mood disorders.

Better relationships

City life often involves long commutes and work hours, which take you away from your family. After moving to the country, you’ll no longer be spending hours in traffic, whether it’s for work or taking the kids to umpteen extracurricular activities. You’ll therefore be free to spend more time together as a family and strengthen your relationships. Moreover, being strangers with your neighbors isn’t uncommon in the city. Conversely, in rural areas, there’s a stronger sense of community. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know your neighbors — particularly if you have children the same ages — and your children will also benefit from that community support.

Rural life is great for the body, mind and soul. Raising your family in the country will provide them with numerous benefits they’ll appreciate for life.

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