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Many parents start to feel the stress of potty training looming when their child turns into a toddler. For some, it isn’t just about the training itself, but deciding when the best time is to start. However, there are ways that you can prepare for potty training and signs that your child will be ready to start. Here are some helpful tips for potty training your toddler.

Don’t Panic

It can be easy to get stressed about potty training because you don’t want them to make a mistake. Plus, you probably feel that you don’t want to rush them before they are ready. However, once your child has become a toddler, but before they start nursery, this is the best time to start. Some parents wait until the summer so that they can potty train outside, while this is ok, it is better for your child to do it in the bathroom, so they know that’s the room to use. Do your research; there are many different methods, so try choosing one that you feel the most confident about achieving.

Start Slowly

It is a good idea to begin potty training slowly so that they get used to what you want them to do. Keep their routine but put them on the potty every 15 minutes or so for a period in the morning and afternoon. The rest of the time, they should be in a diaper or a pull-up. If you start to notice a pattern when they normally use their diaper, then take these opportunities to use the potty instead around that time.

Choosing Your Potty

There are many types of potty on the market, so choosing the right one depends on the one you think will do the best job for you. Do some research on the ones available from sites like and see what other parents have thought about the ones they used. Other parents can be invaluable in these types of situation, especially if you are a first-time parent. It is a good idea to have one in each bathroom in the home, so you don’t have to carry it around, you should also think about having a travel potty that you can use in the car or when you are out and about.

Make a Big Deal About Success

When you are training, there are going to be times when it all goes to plan, and they use the potty. When this happens, praise and reward are important tools to encouraging them to do it again. It might sound gross but show them and tell them that they have done well, also show them the flushing, these visual clues are important. Reward them with a sticker or perhaps one small piece of candy, so they feel like they have achieved something. All of this will make using the potty something great and worth a reward.

The time it takes depends on the child, some master it in a couple of days; others might take a couple of weeks. However long it takes, persevere and keep rewarding success.


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