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The launch of EcoBabe is FINALLY here! And I really can’t think of a better way to kick things off than with a blog about my new favorite hair care line, Windle & Moodie!!

First of all, this line is an extension of the infamous Windle & Moodie hair salon in Covent Garden, London. And you know I’m obsessed with anything that hails from across the Pond. I’ve been using this line for a few months now, and you also know I wouldn’t fall in love with a product that wasn’t good for you. I think I’ve seen them being reviewed on Hair and Makeup Girl too, which is one of the very few online review sites about beauty, hair, and make up tips I follow. So here’s the skinny on WAM:

Paul Windle & Neil Moodie are responsible for some of the most iconic Kate Moss looks. They’re backstage at the most major runways. They’re behind the scenes at many a Vogue shoot. And they use all their own products. So we know they work.

But what sets this badass line apart from all the others, is the fact that not only do you get results, you can also be confident knowing that you’re not applying a bunch of toxic chemicals to your scalp.

Within 30 seconds, your skin absorbs 60% of what you apply to it, and it goes directly to your bloodstream. And your scalp… well, it’s still your skin!! Did I just blow your mind? Because once I discovered this concept after speaking to Mr. Moodie himself, I was speechless. I had never before thought of my scalp as an important part of my skin. Moodie said it best. He explained to me, “your scalp is an extension of your skin. So we have to take care of our scalps, just like we do our skin.”

Which is why Windle & Moodie have brought skincare concepts into their haircare line. So what’s this SECRET INGREDIENT???

Well, if you check out WAM’s shampoos + conditioners, you’ll see that each one is infused with… dah dah dah dahhhhhh…


It’s TEA!! You know how tea is so great for your skin because it’s full of antioxidants and essential vitamins? Well, the same goes for your hair/scalp. NOW have I blown your mind?

All the shampoos + conditioners are also sulphate and paraben free (hey mommy-to-be’s) and the entire haircare line revolves around all-natural, innovative ingredients.

Like, how do you get shine from the shine spray (my MOST fave product)? From spirulina. How do you get moisture from the day & night cream? From sugar beet extract. And it doesn’t stop there. Many of these styling products give your hair a UV filter to boot. Most of this line is also vegan & gluten free. And everything is designed and made in the UK.

And speaking of the UK, WAM has been a favorite of celebrities & all those British Becky’s with the good hair for some time now. But it hasn’t been sold here in the States yet.

Until. Now.

I’m super excited to have discovered WAM. I get the results I’m looking for, and I know I’m doing something good for my hair/scalp at the same time. That doesn’t happen very often. So I’m even more excited to share this line with you!

You can shop Windle & Moodie here:

Let me know which of these products you’re loving & here’s to many GREAT hair days ahead! X

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