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Some fashion companies have made their name by demonstrating that their products are better than those manufactured by other companies. However, few companies have achieved this milestone, and those that did have put much work into it.

Wendy Wen and Coral Chung are the faces behind one of the most recently successful fashion companies in the United States—Senreve. This company attracts premium and influential customers such as Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Garner, and Lady Gaga, among others. In the United States, it takes considerable effort and time to build a company and to dominate the fashion sector, but Senreve has found this success relatively quickly.

The company has found this success by merely giving working women what they want: a functional and highly fashionable handbag. Coral Chung and her team at Senreve conduct surveys to find out what women want in their fashion accessories, and then they have those designs created. The strategy has proven to be immensely successful.

Recently, Coral Chung indicated that the company was working toward achieving its goals and objectives of dominating the fashion industry. However, this won’t come easily as the organization will require sufficient funds to meet its needs. According to Chung, Senreve has recently raised 16.75 million that will help the company expand and grow.

A recent fundraiser resulted in providing the company with $23 million over three years, which is a relatively short period since most startups have difficulty finding funding. The recent funding is not only expected to grow the company within the United States but also across the world.

Senreve is currently breaking ground by re-writing the history of women-founded companies and how much they have been receiving in the form of capital in the United States. Historically, most US venture capitalists have not funded such companies, which has created a perception of discrimination. Female-founded companies account for 38% of the industry.

Coral Chung is also the face behind Senreve. She has dedicated her life to the company’s success and has already achieved considerable progress in ensuring that the company remains stable in its operations.

Senreve’s success can be associated with Coral Chung’s skill and experience. Chung has a varied background that has proved useful in her business undertakings. Some of the skills and knowledge that she possesses include technology, consulting, and finance. These skills combine to form an executive business leader who can help lead the company to great success.

Senreve’s consumer-centric focus of giving women what they truly want in a designer handbag has been the main reason the company has achieved its high levels of success. And Coral Chung has been at the forefront of trying to understand what customers want and then delivering their expectations.



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