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Sending out graduation announcements is not as simple as it seems to be. It demands a lot of time and effort which could overwhelm fresh graduates easily. This detailed guide will assist you in planning, organizing, and sending your college graduation announcements with ease.

What To Mention

Whether you order your announcements online or make it at home, the following information must be included.

  • The full name of the student and the parents’ if it’s a formal card or else a nickname works fine for informal cards.
  • The student’s photo, preferably in the graduation cap and gown.
  • The college’s name.
  • The degree you received.
  • The year and date of graduation.
  • The location and date of the graduation party or ceremony (if you’re hosting one).

Graduation Announcement Ideas

Although of formal nature, many students are sending fun graduation announcements which represent uniqueness and a distinct style. Some creative ideas you could use are:

  • Photomontage of senior year pictures.
  • Picture of the student on the first day of the school alongside the graduation day picture.
  • Customised postcards and envelopes.
  • Photo booth style pictures of the graduation ceremony.

These are a few ideas, or you could find inspiration from 2020 high school graduation announcements.

The Address Format

Addressing graduation announcements may seem easy but is a stressful task once put into action. There are several necessary details to include, making sure your grammar is correct, your wording is formal, and your handwriting is neat (if it’s a handwritten announcement).

The following are the formats you can use:

Formal Announcement

In these announcements, use traditional and polite language, spell out the date and avoid mentioning the degree in abbreviation.

Informal Announcement

The possibilities for addressing a casual announcement are endless. There are several ways you can make an informal announcement enjoyable, so do as you please but maintain the conventional levels of decency.

Announcements For Family And Friends

In these announcements, mention the support you received from your family and friends. It’s a nice way to let people know you acknowledge their support.

Announcements With Religious Text

Adding a holy verse is a great way to recognise the assistance you received through your religion. A religious text in an announcement is also fitting if you’ve graduated from a faith-based college.

Graduation Announcement Etiquette

There are some etiquettes you should be familiar with before sending your announcements:

  • Make sure you send announcements to all the people you’d invite to a birthday party, or any casual gathering.
  • Address the person you aren’t close with in formal language.
  • Write the formal name and address of the person on the outer envelope.
  • Avoid using abbreviations in the announcements.
  • Since limited people will attend the graduation ceremony, it’d be best to send them announcements after the ceremony.
  • Keep your envelopes clean and seal them properly.
  • Mention the gift situation also in the announcements.
  • Send a short and sweet thank you note to everyone who sent a gift.

Assembling Announcements

Keep the following points in mind when assembling announcements.

  • If your announcement includes a card or a photo, insert it with the announcement in a separate envelope.
  • Close off the envelope with a proper seal, don’t just tuck it in.
  • Place the small envelope inside the bigger mailing envelope with the flap facing the side which has the address.

How Many Announcements Should You Send

College graduation is a major event in a person’s life, so be prepared to send several announcements to as many people as you can. But, if you don’t like to create a fuss, send only to your closest relatives and friends.

When To Send

If you aren’t organising a graduation party, then it’s recommended to send the announcements within the first 2 weeks of the graduation ceremony. If you’re organising a party, announcements can be sent a week or two before the party.


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