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Musicians enjoy playing the piano for creative freedom. The amateurs also find it inspiring to learn to play their favorite songs. Usually, beginners start with simple piano songs when they go to a piano class. Undoubtedly, this may not seem so exciting. But teachers make them attractive by adding pop songs, traditional classics, and others. These are only a glimpse. The piano world is full of different types of music, ranging from jazz, rock, pop, and many more. Every style is unique and allows you to express yourself. In traditional teaching techniques, sheet music is a standard feature.

When you take piano lessons Plainview, you will get to experience this. Since this New York hamlet breathes in music, you will most likely have a fun time building a new skill. However, the choices in piano-style may make you wonder what you should try. For that, you can take a look at the top favorites. These include classical, liturgical, pop-rock, musical theater, and jazz. Let’s take them up one by one briefly.

Classical Piano

The classical piano was usually typical with the upper class and royal families from 1750 to 1820. When you think of who made it famous, your attention goes to brilliant composers of all time, Beethoven and Mozart. The classical music evolved with time changing its flavor from renaissance to romantic and anything in between. As time continued to leap, many more memorable pianists made entry. Chopin and Handel are a few names to reckon with in this regard.

However, just because it is old doesn’t mean it has lost its glory today. Many music schools in Plainview still encourage students to learn classical as it is rich with robust techniques and music theory. Some suggest if you know this style, you can easily pick up others too because classical is the base.

Liturgical Piano

As evident from the name, this music took root in religious ceremonies of Catholics to Jewish. Although each of them uses unique liturgical musical tones, they consider them to be an integral part of the culture. It is a generational thing. Musicians compose and perform for religious services and recordings also. This style is perfect for a variety of sacred music. Several pianists engage professionally with religious services for a living.

Pop/Rock Piano

This piano style emerged in the 50s and became a part of pop and rock songs. In the 1970s, the keyboard took over the trend as it produced exhilarating electric sounds. It may not be so easy to play this music, but if you master it, you can reap many rewards. Pop or rock pianists get loads of opportunities with music bands, recordings, touring events, and weddings. Many prefer this genre for an ability to play unique sounds. Since you can sing and play together, it becomes more interesting. When you think of this style, your mind wanders to veteran Elton John, Carole King, and the likes.

Musical Theater

In musical theater, the piano is a common sight. As a musical theater pianist, you can work as an accompanist with singers and instrumentalists. For some ideas, you can play the compositions of Gershwin and Rodgers & Hammerstein. They are the renowned Broadway lyricists and music composers.


American jazz rose in fame in 1918. You may have heard Fats Waller and Jelly Roll Morton. They made jazz style popular in New Orleans, Chicago, and New York. People consider this to be a bit rebellious for having a difference in technique, harmony, and rhythm from the classical form. It tends to be radiant with rhythmic tunes and melodies. From swing to Boogie Woogie and much more, it embraces many patterns. Jazz has a celebratory tone to it. If you go back to its roots, you will realize how Asians, Latinos, African-Americans, and Europeans together gave shape to this music in the country. Anyway, what started with stellar performers like Waller and Morton continues to exist with contemporary jazz artists today.

You can grasp all these styles of music. But for this, you need to have a strong foundation in the piano. From having extensive knowledge of chord progression and triads to scales, reading music, notes, keys, and others, you need to get it all to develop your skills. Beginner piano classes cover all the essential points and make you practice them well. If you master them, you can quickly diversify your piano playing style. Playing anything from rock to pop to jazz can be at your fingertips. However, for this, you have to choose a reputable music studio or school in Plainview.

This New York hamlet has many options in terms of piano teachers and schools. You can search for the nearest classes to save your time and travel hassle. If the studio is close to your place, you will be able to focus on your training more.


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