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Of we come to think of it, there are certainly two things which one cannot get enough of- style and time. And for that very reason, of all the manly pursuits, owning a stylish watch turns out to be the most rewarding as it fulfils being stylish and helps you with time management.

Building a watch wardrobe for anyone can be pretty intimidating and daunting. It will be favorable to get down to it and do some thorough research on the types, categories, styles, brands, prices and functions you would like to grab not replicating the ones you already have. If building your own watch wardrobe inspires you to start a business in selling timepieces, getting insights from an IncFile review can guide you through the process of forming your LLC for your start-up venture. The purpose of building a watch wardrobe is to mix and match with anything that you wear and not for the gathering dust.


Commonly it is being said that every man must have three kinds of watches:

  1. The one that can be worn to work
  2. The one for the weekend outings or the casual ones
  3. Lastly the one that can be sported at formal dinners and at black tie affairs

Having at least one piece for each category will have you covered majorly. While having Cartier watches as one of the members of the wardrobe will complete the collection. And later on, when you are done with these you may update the collection category wise if not all together in one go. We have researched and come with what should a watch wardrobe must possess, it will be a great help. Have a look!


Initially it may not be a wise decision to invest in a luxurious piece if you already live in street wear. It is advisable to grab something that is adaptable, lesser functions and is as classy as it is now even ten years later. Anything that is a time-only piece and goes well with both formal and informal settings is the most suitable one as your first watch. Buying this basic watch will not blow the bank but will be versatile and classy simultaneously.


Sports watches come with more personality, functions, character and even more dollars off the pocket too. They appear pretty much less formal than any dress watch comprising of complex operations and services like temperature, chronographs, underwater and tide conditions. This makes them a little more complex and a better choice for an informal setting.

Sports watches are considered to be the most sought after and stylish pieces in your rotation. Other than your business suit or a tuxedo, a sports watch can get you through any informal setting like a pro.

Sports watches are made to be tougher than the formal one, are water proof and are made of chunkier steel so that they can bear a blow or two. Due to such complex functionality they might be equally priced as any formal watch. Moreover, if it’s a sports watch with mechanical movements or made of precious metals, they can be pricier than the formal ones.


And finally the statement watch, owning one is itself quite an achievement let alone sporty it at events and leaving people in an awe.  Statement watches need not be gaudy, bigger dials, shiny metal and diamond studded, but it can be classier, elegant and fashionable but a tad bit expensive on the pocket.

It will be like an icing on the cake if it’s a mechanical and a formal watch. Nothing beats the beauty and the confidence of wearing a mechanical statement watch. It speaks in your body language.

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