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One way to give your face that instant rosy glow is to apply blush right after your Mizon skin care products, foundation, concealer, and powder. Like these products mentioned, blushes also come in a variety of shades and consistencies so users can have options to compliment their skin tone and type. When applied properly, blush can also highlight your cheekbones, giving your face a subtle definition.

To get the right blush for you, here are some tips to remember:

  1. Start by determining both your skin tone and undertone

Before deciding on which blush brand or color to use, one must first determine both their skin tone and undertones. Skin tone refers to the amount of melanin your skin has. Here are some of the most well-known skin tones according to its reaction to sunlight:

  • Fair – usually burns and sometimes tans
  • Medium skin – sometimes burns and always tans
  • Olive skin – rarely burns and always tans
  • Brown-dark skin – never burns and always tans

Undertones refer to the subtle hues of your skin that determines your skin’s inner glow. They usually come in three different shades which are:

  • Cool – pink, red, and blue undertones
  • Warm – yellow to green undertones
  • Neutral – can either be a mixture of the two or neither

And can be found in any skin tones regardless of color. To determine your undertones, here are some tips to follow:

  1. Check your veins

This can be done by checking the inside of your wrists. If your veins are:

  • Blue/Bluish purple – you have cool undertones
  • Blue/Green/Blue-green – you have warm undertones
  • Blue and Green or neither – you have neutral undertones
  1. Try on some jewelry

Another way to check your undertone is trying on both gold and silver jewelry. If:

  • Gold jewelry (like copper, rose-gold, and brass) flatters your skin then you have warm undertones
  • Silver jewelry (white gold and platinum) looks great on your skin then you have cool undertones
  • Both gold and silver jewelry look amazing on your skin then you have neutral undertones
  1. Hold a white sheet of paper to your face

One final trick in determining your undertone is to hold a sheet of white paper against your face to check out the contrast. If your face looks:

  • Pink against the paper then you have cool undertones
  • Yellow-brown next to the paper then you have warm undertones
  • Grey then you have neutral undertones
  1. Select the right color for your skin

After determining both your skin tone and undertones, it is now time to determine the right colors. If you have:

  • Fair skin – go for soft pink and peach colors. Fair skin types with cool undertones should go for pink shades while Fair skin with warm undertones should go for peach
  • Medium skin – coral and mauve goes well with women with light brown-medium skin. Cool undertones should stick to mauve or plum while warm undertones should go for coral or warm peach shades.
  • Dark skin – contrary to popular belief, bright colors can actually help highlight your beautiful dark skin. People with cool undertones look best with fuschia, plum, and berry hues whereas warm undertones will fit nicely with raisin, bronze, and deep reds

For women with neutral undertones, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! Regardless of skin tone, you can rock almost any shade of blush available without worry.

  1. Apply blush properly according to your face shape

Other than picking the right color, learning how to apply blush properly can help highlight your skin’s most subtle features without being too obvious about it. If you have

  • Square and oval face shapes – Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks using a dense, fluffy brush. Do this in a circular motion and extend the color slightly towards your ears to blend the edges.
  • Diamond and heart-shaped faces – Suck in your cheeks and apply blush first on the top of your cheekbones. Do this by moving the brush in a C-shape motion and move towards your temples. Do not extending the product beyond the center of your eyes to avoid looking drunk.
  • Round face shapes – Suck in your cheekbones and apply blush underneath your cheekbones. In a sweeping motion, following the natural curves of your face and move towards your temple or hairline for a slimming effect.


When applied properly, the right blush can help bring out the subtle glow of your skin which can transform dullness to instance radiance. Considering that not everyone is an expert at the first try, it does help to keep practicing so you too can transform your face like the experts.



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