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Changing careers when you have kids can be incredibly daunting. You may begin to question how your time will be allotted, where your finances will be prioritized and how you will be on-hand to attend to your children’s needs. Many parents undergo this important process, so it’s key to remember that you’re not alone.

Some savings will need to be for you

As a family, you will hopefully have a rainy day fund, for any last-minute emergencies. On top of this, you will also need a fund for your tuition and your living expenses. If you’re retraining, you may not be on as big a salary as you used to be on, so you will need to factor this into how much you save. It may feel unusual to save for just your own benefit, but remember this is for your personal development and your family. Here are some saving tips to consider:

  • Sacrifice some personal luxuries ($30 face cream might be a miss!)
  • Opening a personal savings account
  • Set up regular payments from your checking account

Finding grants and using online degrees are said to make the overall cost of undertaking a college degree much cheaper, too. Many journalists advise working while you study, but as a mom, it’s most likely that you already are.

Choose something rewarding

Don’t just retrain for the salary benefits. Choose something that will get you up in the morning (and night) and put a spring in your step. If you’ve always wanted to be a family nurse, then finding nursing certificate programs online will help you to achieve your healthcare ambitions without having to pack up and go to college.

Choose a reliable babysitter

Your placements and courses may take place at night, so having someone who can reliably take care of your kids while you’re busy studying or gaining experience will help put your mind at ease. If your neighbor’s teenagers aren’t entirely reliable, then it might be worth using some of your newly-stashed savings to pay for a qualified nanny.

The end is in sight

It’s not going to be easy juggling family life and a new career, but you probably knew that anyway. If you’re becoming wary of studying in the evenings or taking up part of your weekend to get your coursework done, just know that the end is in sight. It’s said that retraining becomes much easier once you overcome the initial fear factor. Try and remember your goal as often as you can, and know that your chosen career path is the reward at the end of it.

Retraining in a different career as a mom can be tough on you and your schedule. Evenings will be busier than usual, and days spent at the office will occasionally be replaced with days on placement. Just because you’re a mom with kids doesn’t mean that your ambition stops and that your career is a straight line after that. Going back into training and education may be daunting, but it will ultimately be worth it – for both you and your family.


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