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Perhaps you’re a keen outdoorswoman of your own, or maybe you just want your kids to grow up to experience something that isn’t viewable on their phones. Instilling a love of the outdoors in your kids should be on everyone’s priority list. Fit kids are healthier, happier, and set up for a lifetime of good habits. How do you sell hiking, camping, or even picnicking to the Instagram generation? We’ve got the tips you need.

Stick to age (and fitness) appropriate trips

As with everything else about our kids, there’s age-appropriate ways to start them on a path that loves the outdoors as much as their Xbox. If you are already from an active family yourself, it will probably be easy to keep the adventure vibe going among your own children. If you’ve been more sedentary, however, it could be a struggle to motivate yourself to get outside, let alone the little ones. While kicking off with a week-long ski vacation may seem more appealing than a quick walk through the local park, it might be beyond everyone. Start off slow and simple, and build up to bigger adventures. This great resource from has excellent tips for age-appropriate outdoor fun with younger kids and babies.

Be adventurous yourself

If family camping weekend involves the same dull park, the same leaky tent, and inevitably ends up with everyone huddling in the back of the car to escape the rain, your kids aren’t going to find much to love. You probably don’t either. It’s time to get your adventure on and go bold! There’s plenty of resources online to help you find new experiences to take the family on, so go ahead and use them. Hop on for hot takes on fantastic camping destinations within a few hours of home. Join a family-focused adventure group on in your area. Even friends and family are great ways to discover local secrets you didn’t know existed. Variety is the spice of life, so embrace it fully and keep things interesting.

Get them involved

Whether you have an excitable youngster or a sullen teen, children want to be heard. Don’t cut them out of the planning! It is an excellent way to hype the trip to them. It’s also a way to make them feel like they matter and aren’t being dictated to. That’s the purpose of family bonding, after all.

Be honest about your style

As we mentioned in our article on finding your camping style, everyone has different definitions of adventure- and of roughing it! If you’re a family that prefers your creature comforts, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Look for outdoor adventures that appeal to you more than a standard hike or camping trip. Perhaps you’d enjoy a trip to the local Renaissance Faire or a theme park, instead?

Consider bringing a friend (and always pack snacks)

We all have limited budgets, but if you can, make sure your child has someone their own age to share with. Siblings don’t always cut it, and you probably don’t want to be your child’s only source of stimulation and camaraderie on the trip. Whether or not you can bring a friend, make sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks for everyone. Getting active outdoors means you will be burning calories, and you should always stay well hydrated too.

It’s a different- and digital- world out there, but there’s still plenty of room for outdoor family adventures. With these tips under your belt, you’re sure to find some fun, active ways to celebrate being together. No need to bring the WiFi along.

Image Source: Juliane Liebermann on Unsplash


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