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Technological innovation has well and truly taken over, with practically everyone embracing some form of technology in their daily lives these days. From custom audio enabled photo books to white noise generating machines, technology has even made its mark on parenting too.

Thanks to the various forms of tech and gadgets that help with plenty of aspects of parenting or even enable a relaxing evening without the kids to go that bit better, moms are reaping the rewards. Technology has impacted many facets of society in a massive way, so it was only a matter of time before it would make its mark on a mom’s life. More parents are turning to technology than ever before.

We’re living in a golden age in that respect. Technology is constantly being updated and improved, and as consumers, we’re lapping it up. Instead of venturing out to a theme park we can now experience it using a VR headset. Likewise, rather than visiting a Halloween themed haunted house, we’re now playing casino games like Haunted House, where there’s more about this game at Technology is shining, and with mom’s everywhere using some form of it, it’s only going to make more of an impact in this space as innovation continues to improve.

To give you an insight into the popular gadgets moms are snapping up, here’s a look at some of the best of them.

ZoLi Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer

Trimming a baby’s fingernails can be a tricky task, especially as you’re not wanting to harm them in any way, but it can be easy to do so. To make life a bit easier, mom’s are turning to devices like the ZoLi Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer which comes with four different cushioned pads that are ideal for the various different stages of your baby’s growth. It also performs the job extremely well, and it’s easy to use.

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

We’ve all been there; the baby’s not sleeping, you’ve tried everything, stress has well and truly set in, and you’re out of ideas. Step forward, the Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother. This handy little device has been a lifesaver for so many parents in recent times thanks to its ability to provide 15 or 30 minutes of continuous shushing. An effective and easy to use tool to help your baby drift off better, this is a must-have gadget for all moms.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Juice Extractor

When buying juices from the store, we don’t always know what exactly it is that we’re pumping into our children’s body. Chances are, it’s a drink loaded with sugar or weird ingredients we’ve never heard of before. To give yourself and your child a better drink to consume, try the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Juice Extractor. You’ll be able to make your very own juices and make sure that your children are getting the fruit and veg that they need at such a crucial stage in their development. It’s dishwasher-safe too, by the way.

Sylvania Portable DVD Player

Sylvania Portable DVD Player

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This isn’t a groundbreaking piece of technology, but it can certainly make even the worst of car journeys go that little bit better. The Sylvania Portable DVD Player is obviously portable, it offers excellent viewing quality, comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion battery’s, and the device is light and easy to carry around.

Brieftons NextGen Spiralizer

Spaghetti is good, but spaghetti made our of veg is even better. Thanks to Brieftons NextGen Spiralizer you can turn vegetables into pasta, therefore giving your kids more goodness but in a fun and interesting way.


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