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Raising children requires a lot of hard work. If you’re a new parent, it’s even more difficult. You’d know that bathroom and toilet training are an integral part of your child’s upbringing.

You might have heard from other parents on bathroom injuries with their children. It is very important to keep your bathroom safe for kid’s usage. And to avoid any serious injuries, make sure to take all necessary precautions for your child’s safety.

Here are 7 tips to keep your bathroom safe for your kids.

1. Always Attend To Your Kid

No matter the emergency, don’t keep your child unattended in the bathroom, especially inside the bathtub. It only takes a few minutes for your child to slip underwater and lose consciousness.

Ensure you have all necessary supplies within reach before starting. If you can’t ignore the doorbell or a call, it’s best to wrap your child in a towel and take him along when you answer.

If your child is a bit old, it’s strongly recommended to still stay close every time he uses the bathroom.

2. Install A Door Latch

It’s a good idea to install a kid-friendly door latch on your bathroom door. This means installing a latch at adult height to make sure your kid can’t open the door without you.

This also helps in keeping the bathroom door locked if it’s not in use. Please ensure that the lock can be unlocked from outside, in case your kid locks himself in. You’d want to avoid that at all costs!

3. Install No-Slip Strips And Mats

A young child can’t coordinate to balance their body in case they slip.

It’s essential to install no-slip strips and mats in and around your bathroom. You should definitely install it below the bathtub, since it’s the most prone area for slips.

All family members should get in a habit of putting down and locking the toilet lid to prevent your child from falling.

4. Adjust Water Temperature

To avoid any burning, it’s best to adjust the water heater temperature at 120°F (48.9°C). You should check if the water is warm (not too hot) or not only with your elbow before putting your child inside the bathtub.

If your child is old enough, you should make him/her learn how to turn a cold-&-hot faucet handle carefully.

If in case your water heater needs repair, you should get in touch with zero contact plumbing services.

5. Keep Your Electric Appliances Safe

If you use electric devices like straighteners and hair dryers inside your bathroom, ensure to unplug them after every use. You can also store them at a safe cabinet out of reach from your kid.

To prevent any electrical injuries, you can also ask an electrician to install special bathroom wall sockets. These sockets have ground-fault circuit interrupters which lessen the chances of electrical injury through water.

6. Avoid Sharp-Edged Objects And Toys

Don’t buy bath toys with sharp edges. This can be dangerous in case your child falls onto them. You should also keep razors and other sharp objects out of reach from your kid.

It is also recommended to install shatter-proof glasses in your bathroom. You can also use towels to drape around metal-rails for showers and doors.

7. Medicine and Toiletry Organizers

Make sure to keep all medicines and toiletries in organizers with safe caps. Do remember these caps are not necessarily child-proof, so store all medicines and cosmetics out of reach and locked.

Especially keep frequently used items like soaps and shampoos in an organizer. You can also use a bucket to keep all bath essentials near the bathtub.

We hope these tips might help you keep your bathroom kid-friendly and prevent any bathroom injuries and accidents.


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