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Some people love their birthdays and some – not so much. It all depends on our experience and memories from when we were little. If our birthdays were a big deal then, it’s normal that we will always love them, no matter how old we’ll get. This is why a kid’s birthday should be the most important day both for the child and the parents. But unfortunately, many parents have no idea how to organize the best party ever, which is unacceptable. Here are a few tips on how to prepare a child’s birthday party you can follow in order to provide your kid with great memories for life.

A theme. The first thing you should think about when you’re organizing a party is the theme. Many children like different things and I’m sure that you would want to choose the best thing your kid likes in order to make it happy. There can be different themes, depending if it’s a boy or girl. Girls like more princesses, fairies and other. Boys prefer pirate parties, cars, knights, kings and other more manly stuff. Make sure that you choose the thing your child loves the most, no matter what it is.

Invitations. After you’ve decided what will be the theme of your party, it’s time to send the invitations to the kids you’d like to attend the event. In order to do that, you’ll need to find out which are your child’s best friends and make sure that you’ve written all their names correctly on the invitations. Also, try to pick a date that suits both you and your family to avoid any bigger problems. Many parents choose to organize these parties in the weekend when everyone is free of work and obligations.

Decorations. The decorations can be crucial for every birthday party, because they set the mood in the right direction. Your decorations have to be an exact match to the theme you chose for the party. Usually most people make the mistake of buying these things in different little stores, which is wrong. The trick is to find a big party store and all your problems will be solved. Nowadays you can buy eco-friendly and easily degradable decorations for a birthday party in many stores, which will make the clean up afterwards a lot easier.

Games. All children love games. This is why you’ll have to think of the best games for your child’s birthday party if you want it to be the best party ever. Otherwise it will be just a loss of time. If you think you can spend more money, you can hire someone to entertain the kids. If not – you’ll have to take care of it yourself. You can play sports, board games, theme games, puzzle games and everything you presume your child would like.

Food. Everybody can tell you that good food can save your entire party, even if everything else falls down. Just make sure that you’ve written down all the food preferences of your guests. If there are any vegetarians – make sure that there are meals suited for them. Just be very careful where you position your party, because if it’s indoors, your floors can suffer lots of damage from spills and dropped food. I have a carpet at home which was practically destroyed after such a party. This is why every one off cleaner would advise you to position the party very carefully, and even if you want, you can choose food which is easily cleanable. This way you’ll save yourself lots of trouble.

Drinks. Since it’s a child’s birthday party, there shouldn’t be any alcohol (obviously). You can think of a great variety of soft drinks and juices to suite everybody’s tastes. You can even consider buying a children’s champagne to make it more fun. I remember that I enjoyed it a lot when I was a child.

The knowledge on how to prepare your child’s birthday party should be mandatory for every parent, because it could shape your kid’s perception about birthdays for the whole life.


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