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Blue light can have some adverse effects on the eyes of both adults and children. The effects can be more serious on children than on adults. Blue light can cause irregular sleep cycles in children. It can also lead to eye strain, blurry vision, and dry eyes in children. There are several ways parents can prevent these problems in their children. Let us look at some of the ideas parents can use to control the effects of blue light on children.

Use applications and glasses that control blue light

There are several apps available online created to control blue light in devices. These apps cut out blue light or at least minimize it to reduce its impact. You can install such in their tablets, phones, and even the TV. This will help eradicate the effects that come around as a result of exposure to blue light. You can also increase the size of the text on their devices. 

The size of the text helps children see more clearly without having to be too close to the devices or using much brightness on them. You can also buy them glasses that help reduce the blue light effect. This will help control the impact of blue light, helping them sleep better and be more efficient while working or studying. You can get blue-light-blocking glasses in one day from online stores. It’s the quickest way of having the glasses at your doorstep.

Control their device time

Children, if unmonitored, can spend a lot of time on their devices. This can be tempting as they will nag you less when they remain occupied with their tablets or smartphones. One of the best ways to prevent the effects of blue light on children is to control the amount of time your children spend on their devices. 

Blue light has more effects on people who are constantly exposed to it. When they are not in school, where they may require to use their tablets more than usual, parents can allocate a certain time to use devices and, once that time is up, take away these devices from them. This way, they do not get a lot of exposure to blue light.

Teach them to take a break when using these devices

Taking a short break from using the devices can do them a lot of good when it comes to controlling the effects of blue light. Parents can train their children to take short routine breaks from looking at their screens. 

The parents should also supervise to ensure they take these breaks since children constantly forget. They should look at something at a six-meter distance that doesn’t have blue light during this break. They can take a 20-second break after spending 20 minutes on their tablets or television. This helps reduce fatigue in the eyes and dryness. Constantly blinking can also help with dryness in the eyes.

Substitute screen time with time outside

If your children are at home and not in school where they might be required to use their devices, substitute the time spent on their screens with time outside. Children are easily swayed by fun activities and will not need to use their devices when they are enjoying themselves. As a parent, you can create games they find fun and play with them to distract them from their devices. 

You can also take them to the park where they can play with other kids. Enrolling them in co-curricular activities like sports or music can also be a nice way to substitute screen time with time outside. There are several easy ways to get your kids outside the house and away from their screens.

Limit screen time at night

One of the major effects of blue light is that it leads to irregular sleeping patterns and, at times, insomnia. Children may find it hard to sleep if they spend a lot of time on their screens at night. This is because blue light hinders the release of melatonin which is needed to signal the body to sleep. 

The light can also deceive the brain into thinking it is still day, hindering the ability of the child to fall asleep. You can stop them from using their gadgets a few hours before bedtime so that their brains can relax and make it easy for them to fall asleep when it is time for them to sleep. This helps your kids have a regular sleep pattern and save them those sleepless nights.

To conclude

Blue light has several effects on the eyes and the brain of children. It affects sleep patterns and causes a myriad of eye problems. Parents can take several steps to avoid these issues. These are just a few of the tips but extremely helpful ones to prevent the effects of blue light or rather control them. Parents can apply the above tips when dealing with their kids and gadgets. These tips will save them a lot of trouble with the children.


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