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It may be revolutionary to think that something as simple as what you eat can spell the difference between being sickly versus being completely free of chronic disease, but these days, more and more health specialists, doctors, and dieticians are vouching for this theory. We were probably raised in a generation that has been bombarded by food advertising, claiming that this restaurant or this commercially-produced kind of food has health benefits and is actually good for you. We go around eating whatever tastes good and deal with the health consequences by going to the doctor and asking for prescriptions when we get sick or develop annoying symptoms. But the saying “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” is relevant here. What if what we eat can prevent the onset of chronic disease?

The following are some suggestions on how you can eat well, or eat better:

  1. Load up on the fruits and vegetables.

You can have significantly better health by increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you take in every day. If you eat these first before starting your meals, you can feel full before you’ve taken in the fattier and probably less healthy main course, thus lessening your intake of the unhealthy parts of your meal. This will then help you maintain your weight or even lose some, if you wish.

Eat your fruits and vegetables – this has been told to you since you were young, but you probably underestimated its truth as you grew older.

  1. Drink a lot of water.

Eight full glasses should be your daily minimum. Just like fruits and vegetables, habitually drinking water helps regulate your hunger, detoxify your bloodstream, and give you nice skin. These are just a few of the benefits of keeping hydrated.

  1. Try Aloe Vera.

Your health also includes your mental health. When you are able to keep a good self-image, your mood increases, shifting your energy toward positivity. This helps you feel and eventually look younger. Aloe Vera usage has a lot of skin and health benefits – some of which are the reduction of inflammation, deep moisturization, and the strengthening of your immune system, among others.

  1. Consult with a health specialist for your specific needs.

There may be a diet that is particularly helpful to your body and your predispositions. You can consult with a health specialist in order to have a plan that is more tailor-fit to your specific needs, and get you to your health goals much more quickly.

Of course, all this eating means you are engaging your oral cavity a lot. Make sure to keep your overall hygiene in check. Make regular visits to the dental clinic Scarborough or your local dentist, as well as your family physician, in order to ensure that you are healthy. Remember that poor dental health has a direct link to overall health.

These suggestions may seem simple for you, but they are worth a try. It may be a small tweak in how you shop for groceries, or a whole lifestyle change. But aren’t those efforts worth the increased vitality and zest for life that they can bring you?

Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels


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