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The Ideal Shape Shake is a weight loss product that has a hunger blocking ingredient, which has been said to be able to help you get great results. The Ideal Shape Shake website also states that their shake has a hunger suppressor in it that is unlike other weight loss products.

One Ideal Shape Shake has over 50 percent of your daily vitamins and minerals. Depending on the flavor, there are only two grams of sugar and seven flavors that you can pick from. If you are wondering if Ideal Shape Shake works, below is a comprehensive review. This review will cover the ingredients, taste, how it helps with weight loss, and if Ideal Shape Shake is healthy and safe.

Ideal Shape’s Ingredients

In an Ideal Shape Shake, there are 100 calories and 11 grams of protein that come from whey. The problem is that having more protein per serving would have made this shake better. There is also the problem of two of the three artificial ingredients that have been found to have potential safety risks for a person’s overall health.

Cellulose gum and sucralose have also been shown to possibly increase the risk of obesity and disease. There are other studies that link these ingredients with major effects on people’s overall health. There is the chance that they will damage the immune system and the brain’s health. Since these ingredients are cheap, they are used to replace other ingredients. These ingredients do nothing to improve a person’s health, and most times are found in processed and cheap foods.

There have also been complaints about Ideal Shape Shake, which have been due to the taste of the artificial sweeteners. In the “Customer Opinions of Ideal Shape Shake”, many customers have noted the very sweet taste, and most do not like it.

Does The Ideal Shape Shake Work?

If you are thinking about trying the Ideal Shape Shake, you should read all the information that is available to you. The Ideal Shape Shake has 3 artificial ingredients, with 2 being very concerning to consumers. There have also the many complaints about the shakes being too sweet, or tasting like artificial sweeteners. All of these additives have been shown to be damaging to overall health.

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18Shake has 15 grams of protein, which come from whey. There are also no added stimulants, preservatives, binders, or fillers. Many Customers have noted that it is simple to mix, has a great flavor, is a satisfying meal, and has many benefits for losing weight. These are some of the reasons that 18Shake is the best meal replacement of 2016.


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