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A few months ago I received my first piece of mama jewelry from JoyAmo. I have since become a big fan of pieces that feature the names of my loved-ones. In fact, I’d love to also find a piece where I could include my grandmother’s name. Though I used this piece to showoff my love for my children – I think it’d also be perfect to honor both of my grandmothers.

With Mother’s Day coming up, this is a great gift idea for the the moms in your life! The Infinity Name Necklace by JoyAmo Jewelry allows up to four names with nine letters per name – making this the perfect and stylish way to put your mama pride on display.

I have wanted an infinity necklace for a long time – and being able to get one with my kid’s names on it made it even more special.

I am in love with how sleek this necklace is. Large enough to hold the names that are closest to my heart but with an elegant and simple look that allows me to wear it with nearly everything.

Infinity Name Necklace by JoyAmo Jewelry

Family bonds are endless as this impressive Infinity Name Necklace. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry or a Christmas gift to give to your wife, this name necklace with 2 engraved names will be her favorite jewel and Christmas gift ever. You can also surprise your mom for her birthday or any lady important in your life with a 2 name infinity necklace or with an infinity necklace with 2 names.

A Gift for Multiple Occassions

Speaking of names that are close to my heart. This necklace is actually very versatile as a gift idea. I think it’s also a great gift idea for wedding season! I would have simply loved to receive an infinity necklace with my name and my fiance’s name on it before or for the ceremony.

Infinity Name Necklace by JoyAmo Jewelry

If you’re catching this article closer to Valentine’s Day – this would also be a perfect gift to surprise her with for your Valentine’s Day celebration. 💕

Infinity Name Necklace by JoyAmo Jewelry details:

You can engrave up to four names, and please note that the names will be engraved in cursive font with the first letter capitalized.

Chain Size Options: 5 different chain sizes for your choice – 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” and 22”.

This personalized Infinity Name Necklace is a great gift for everyone and for so many occasions. Hop over to JoyAmo Custom Name Necklaces & Jewelry to check out this bracelet and much more!

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