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When thinking about air conditioning, the really common concern is that it is really bad for health. There are concerns that are valid but everything is basically associated with the air conditioning system that is in place, maintenance, cleaning and other factors. Here is everything you should know about air conditioning and your children’s health, according to specialists from Actron Air.

Air Conditioning And Your Health

There are various health problems that were connected to ventilation and air conditioning but what you have to know is that the AC does not actually cause the conditions. Units that are not properly cleaned will allow mold and various micro-organisms to grow. Health problems can be exacerbated, including general irritation, asthma and allergies.

The problem is not actually inherent to air conditioning and you can easily prevent everything. What you have to do is be sure that regular maintenance is in place so the system remains completely free from mold and clean. Basically, preventative maintenance contracts will stop the entire system from being so dirty that health will be affected. This should be done 1 or 2 times per year if the working environment is clean.

Sick Building Syndrome

In many cases AC units are blamed for the appearance of sick building syndrome but you should know that there is no proof that this is a condition in itself while no evidence exists that one single cause is the reason why this would appear.

We often see this mention with open plan offices that have sealed windows, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation. At the same time, it is connected to seating arrangements, office lighting and computer monitors. The really common symptoms include irritation in throat, nose and ears, headaches, problems concentrating, fatigue and nausea.

It is sometimes seen that air conditioning is blamed of drying air, irritating sinuses and eyes. AC units do have a drying and cooling effect but you need to look at office humidity when such problems are experienced. If the ventilation and air conditioning system are well-designed, humidity levels remain at appropriate levels. In this case there is no real problem that you have to deal with.

Remember that really frequent temperature changes will affect health. This is why you should always keep the system at consistent levels. Frequently changing temperatures is something that is dangerous due to various different reasons. If you want to prevent the appearance of sick building syndrome, avoid opening windows as the AC units run, do organize the workload for stress prevention, improve your general fitness, eat healthily and take breaks from your computer screen every 10-15 minutes.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, the important thing to remember is that air conditioning is not bad for the health of your children in the event you are careful about using it properly and you have proper maintenance in place. Always contact professionals that can easily take care of the system and spot problems that may exist. When this is the case, health problems caused by air conditioning will most likely not appear.






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