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It is not a surprise many people from all corners of the world don’t find it difficult to fall in love with Bali. The local food is not just cheap, but also very healthy and is available in a great variety. The sun is always wonderful, not to mention the lots of magnificent natural sceneries that can only be found in Indonesia. With the warmth of the people and lots of things to see and do in Bali, there is no denying it is indeed a traveler’s paradise.

For most of the guys who go for online passport renewal services so that they can take a trip to Bali, they usually have well planned out itineraries of the places and things they will be doing. However, most of the things and the activities are mainly mainstream and what almost everyone who goes to Bali does.

It will interest you to know that there are certainly hidden gems or places that don’t get a lot of mention in the mainstream but are full of pure joy and delight. Exploring such places and getting involved in such activities will not just make you avoid the crowds, but also will introduce you to a different side of Bali that hardly get any mention.

Highlighted below are some of the equally exciting places and things you could consider when you planning a visit to Bali-:

Balian and Yeh Leh Beaches

The Kuta Beach is a magnet for sun worshippers, but it is not the only golden beach you find on the island. This is one of the common and most visited beaches on the island and though it is perfect by every definition, it will always be crowded by holidaymakers. But what if you could get equally pristine beaches in locations less frequented by the masses? If this sounds like a good idea to you, then you have every reason to check out Balian Beach located along the Balian River towards the west coast of the region.

It is a nice beach to just go and enjoy the peace of nature as you watch the waves crash against the shores and without the commotion of the masses. Another alternative is the Yeh Leh Beach in the northwest. The Yeh Leh beach is sometimes referred to as Mystery Boulder Beach because it has lots of boulders on the shores. It may not be the very best place for sunbathing, but the view is simply breathles, and guaranteed to give you pure joy for every minute you spend.

Massage at the natural hot springs

Massages in Bali are so plentiful and affordable that people rarely leave Bali without trying them out. But if you are a spa lover and you want to try something different, then you should know about the presence of the hot springs on the island. Check out the Toya Devasya natural springs located in Kintamani. This a perfect outdoor setup where you will not just have the pleasure of soaking into the natural hot springs, but also the region is ideal for cycling or walking. The waters in this place are crystal clear, and the views you have while on Mount Batur are simply ecstatic.

In Central Bali, there are also the Tabanan Hot Springs surrounded by natural beauties such as rice paddies, hills, and a mountain river. These springs are literally in the thick of the jungle, and it is purely heavenly to just enjoy relaxing in the warm waters gushing out from pools. Whether you want to take a dip or you just desire to sit back, relax and watch, it will be more fulfilling than having the ordinary massages in the Bali spas.

Visit West Bali National Park

Visit West Bali National Park

If you wanted a water park experience in Bali, then the obvious recommendation is going to be the Kuta Water Park. Indeed, this is a wonderful park, featuring the longest water slides in the world, body slides, tube slides and lots of splash pools. All this are nicely set within a tropical garden and it is one of the most visited places in Bali. But you should not let this park make you think that it is the only one in Bali. With its reputation, it is always full with all manner of people trying to have as much fun as they possibly can. However, the West Bali National Park is also available and always ready to present you with a charm of its own. If you love nature, bird watching and anything to do with wildlife in open spaces, then this might just be the right alternative to the crowded Bali National Park.

Stay at the African Themed Mara River Safari Lodge

Mara River Safari Lodge

For most people going for passport renewal services to travel to Bali, the accommodation options they will always prefer are the Bali Hotels and resorts. The hotels and the resorts are of magnificent qualities and are available at affordable rates, but if you want to break away from the norm and do away with the clutter, then you should try something different which will grant you a unique, but a satisfying experience. One of such is staying at the Mara Safari Lodge located right at the heart of Bali Safari and Marine Park. Some of the pleasures that come with spending your time here as opposed to the ordinary hotels and resorts are that you will have a chance to feed some of the wildlife rights from your hotel room. Of course, the views will be comparable to none and you will also experience peace and tranquility you have never known before.

Watch the sunset at the Bali Temples

Beach sunsets in places such as Seminyak are wonderful, but for a change, you can also try watching the sunsets in the Bali’s temples. There are lots of temples where you will get spectacular views of the sunset and you don’t just have to restrict yourself to the beaches. One of the popular temples you could go and enjoy the sunset is on the southwestern parts of the peninsular at Uluwatu Temple. This is a common tourist destination, and it is a great place to hang around and enjoy the views of the sun dimming its light as it disappears beneath the clouds in the far horizon.


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