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As a mom, you have a number of different skill sets. Whether you have worked throughout your motherhood or are just getting back into the workforce, moms tend to develop skills that are transferrable to the workplace. However, it can be very hard to decide what skill to include when writing a resume. Rather than just listing all your skills down, you can show them off through your experiences in previous job roles, volunteer positions or community organizations. You should have a mix of showing and listing your skills. Using a balanced approach, you can include some of these skills below on your resume. In this post, we’ll cover why each of these skill sets are so important.

Organizational Skills Are Transferrable

Moms have great organizational skills to keep themselves and their families on track. These are great skills to have that can be easily transferrable to the workplace. Many companies are looking for highly organized people who can save them time and money. If you are well organized, it shows that you can handle multiple tasks while prioritizing what is most important. These attributes will make you a more productive employee who is highly attractive to employers.

Word Processing And Computer Skills

Especially if you have been out of the workforce for a while, moms can include their basic skills too. It is advantageous to have a working knowledge of all the common software that businesses use. For example, most companies work with some version of Microsoft Office, Google Docs or another online suite. By including Excel, PowerPoint, and other skills on your resume, the recruiter will expect that you can perform with these programs. Since they are critical to the functioning of everyday business activities, it’s a good idea to include the basic skills that employers could be looking for.

Multi-lingual Capabilities

Next, you should list your proficiencies in other languages on your resume. It’s a great asset to speak multiple languages anywhere you go. Businesses understand this as well. Many international companies look specifically for people who can speak fluently in specific languages other than English. Make sure that you list the specific language so that companies can see if your speaking capabilities align with their demographics. Sometimes, this skill set can put you on the short list of getting an interview or call from the recruiter.

Reading and Writing Skills

You might be surprised to learn how many moms get hired because of their reading and writing skills. These are highly transferable skills that can contribute to companies in various industries. In sectors from media and law to communications and entertainment, the ability to read as well as write proficiently is critical. If you have a good professional skill set for reading and writing, you may want to consider including it on your resume. For recruiters looking for people with strong comprehension and grammar skills, your resume could stand out from the competition.

Technical Skills

Depending on your desired industry, you should show off your technical skills. For a technology-related job, moms can include any programming or design skills they may have. Similarly, you can include relevant skills for jobs in almost any industry. If you have taken business courses, your technical skills can include using specialized software or programs. Many courses include knowledge on accounting, sales and marketing. Moreover, your skills can be tailored to a specific job role rather than the industry at large. This will increase your relevancy for the job description. By displaying your technical skills, recruiters can give you proper consideration for more niche hiring positions.

When you are planning to build your resume, think about the types of skills to include. It helps to have a balance between soft and hard skills. You also want to show basic and technical skills. The key to including skills on your resume is relevancy. If you use a Resume Builder, you will be able to include all of these skills in an organized format. This makes it easier for recruiters to pick out your resume. Employers are looking for moms who have great organization skills, computer skills and multi-lingual abilities. Furthermore, you can make yourself really stand out by properly communicating your strength in the written word as well as any technical skills you have crafted over the years. With the right mix of skills, you will get recruiters to give you a real consideration. Hopefully, this will lead to more interviews and better job opportunities in the future.


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