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Finding the right content marketing gig has a variety of factors including price per piece as well as subject matter. A top gig for one freelancer or professional might be a smaller gig for the guru-type marketer. For some people, it is finding the job at a smaller company where they can control the content marketing strategy totally. With others, the marketer wants to be a part of a larger team to utilize their skills to the maximum. Proactivity is the most important trait when it comes to landing some of the most competitive gigs in the content marketing space. The following are tips that will help you land a gig that in the past you might have only imagined.

Don’t Be a Stranger At Conferences

There seem to be too many conferences to count when it comes to content and SEO. These two sections of marketing often intersect as the need for quality content in SEO has become much more important. In the past poor quality content could do the job but with Google making content guidelines more difficult these days are gone. There are millions of dollars done in business at these conferences. PubCon which is held in various locations is held yearly in Las Vegas so if you want to land a great gig checking out this conference is a must. Write notes about those you met on their business cards so you can intro yourself via email after the conference in a way that they will remember you. Do not go to the conference and hand out 100’s of resumes as this might seem desperate. Take a look at these industry samples if one of your contacts does want you to come in for an interview as you want to put your best food forward.

Participate in Podcasts

The popularity of podcasts is not showing any signs of slowing down with celebs, athletes, and average people participating in weekly or monthly streaming. You are going to know some of the most influential podcasts in the content marketing space so reaching out to ask if you can participate is quite easy. Most podcasts love bringing in new guests in order to give another perspective on the industry or a particular subject. Do not show up to a podcast unprepared as it can have the opposite effect on what the public thinks of your expertise.

Simply Ask Fellow Marketers

The marketing world is full of people that jump from job to job and change companies frequently. While this might not be great for these people as far as showing commitment to a company, you can take advantage of that. Those people that you have worked with in the past that tend to switch jobs frequently can be a huge resource. Even if they cannot recommend you for a job, they will know the right person to reach out to in order to get an interview as quickly as possible. The best case scenario is that you dominate the interview then the company hires you on the spot. Burning bridges after being let go or having a contract go south should be avoided at all costs. The content marketing industry while large does not keep secrets very well.

Write For Huge Publications Even Without Being Paid

A content marketer that frequently publishes on huge magazines or websites like Forbes or Huffington Post will attract attention. Most content marketing companies want to have a direct relationship with these types of authors. If you have a large enough inventory a great way to maximize profits is to rent this inventory out. Packages of a few sites at a time can allow you to put clients on subscription models instead of payment per article or publication. Writing for these publications shows content marketing companies that you have the skills to outreach and given an author account at many sites where most writers think it is impossible.

The content marketing world is going to continue to grow with all of the forms of content that can be created. Finding the right gig depends on what you are looking for as each marketer desires something different. One marketer might want a huge agency job while another wants an agency to pay them as a freelancer so they can live abroad. Define the ultimate content marketing gig for yourself and go out to find it!




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