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Social distancing and self-quarantine stressing you just a bit? Here are some tips from Carolyn Wilman at ContestQueen for using this time to your benefit!

Take the time we are hunkering down to learn and improve or learn a new skill.

I originally wrote this post for the sweepstakes community, but mastering a new skill or improving a hobby isn’t limited to winning prizes. The steps are the same as learning something new has a curve.

It takes time to master a new skill, technique, recipe, instrument, sport, etc. Most people don’t start because they are either ‘too busy’ or too scared to begin.

There is no better time than the present.

Many of us are practicing social distancing. Events are being canceled. Schools closed. Public places closed. Travel being banned.

Your busy-ness just got taken away from you, and fear is an illusion. You no longer have excuses. Here are the steps you can take to learn something new over the next few weeks.

1) Examine where you struggle.
Are you intimidated by Instagram? Want to get better organized? Trying to master that flaky pie crust? Guitar collecting dust in the corner?

2) Be prepared to go slow.
Many get frustrated, not mastering a new skill quickly. It takes time. You now have it. Practice patience. Go slow. Repeat if necessary. Understanding and speed will come. You must crawl before you walk and walk before you can run. This is the curve most are not persistent enough to climb.

3) Google is your friend.
Find resources to help you. Some paid. Most free. There are YouTube videos, online classes, books, etc. you can use in the safety of your home.

Invest in yourself and become a winner.


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