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In spite of the high price associated with high-end fashion, those that are truly into fashion will always swear by their favorite designer, and this fact holds strong even in a time when the price of almost everything has come down significantly. A collection of classy Saint Laurent bags will not be cheap, even if you are lucky enough to find a discount on them, which leads us to the question, what makes luxury handbags from the world’s top designers so desirable?


It would be wrong to state that every brand that doesn’t qualify as a designer luxury brand produces poor bags, but in terms of comparative quality, they cannot hope to compete with Saint Laurent bags, Gucci bags or any other bag collection from a top designer house.

If they were to use the same high-quality materials and manufacturing methods as the luxury brands, their products would not remain as affordable anymore either.


At times, we do see newer brands trying to compete with the big names, but most of them can’t survive competing in that league. Even if they use the best materials, manufacturing processes, and quality checks that the luxury brands are known for, they do not make it past their first few years in that posh segment.

There are multiple reasons as to why the established brands are always ahead, but craftsmanship experience gained and passed down through decades or even more than a century of being in the business does play a very significant role. If you were to spend almost an equal amount of money on a bag, wouldn’t you trust an established designer more than a name you had not heard of before?

Once you have decided to go after a model you saw a couple of days ago, you should know that options will vary for your benefit; how so? Well, you are allowed to decide if you are purchasing a brand new handbag or a preowned handbag. At, you have a long list of the most wanted items. What kind of bag do you see yourself wearing? You will find it, no doubt.

Fashion Incarnate

Every year, and in every season, we see new trends and movements being made popular, and old trends coming back into play again. These trends are always set during fashion events hosted by the top tier designers of the industry, which later on trickles down to the lower tiers of the fashion industry.

In other words, designer brands are the ones who create the very trends that everyone else either copies or just modifies in their own way. Fashion in its true sense originates every season from the luxury brands, so when you are buying a designer bag, you are investing in the genuine article.

Unfortunately, though, “genuineness” can be a huge concern while buying high-value designer bags, especially online. Don’t fall into the trap of massive discounts and get duped because genuine luxury products normally do not sell at huge discounts.

Be safe and buy all your luxury fashion clothing and accessories from SSENSE, a prestigious, brand authenticated, international online store, which exclusively deals in designer clothing and accessories. Their collection of Saint Laurent bags this season deserves particular attention if you are in the market for a classy purchase.

Those that have a solid collection of luxurious handbags would most likely never sell them, but just in case you feel the need to refresh your collection, know that all designer bags from reputed brands have excellent resale value as well. If your collection of Saint Laurent bags has a few rare variants that are not easy to find anymore, you will in all likelihood get a higher price for it in resale than what you initially paid at the time of the purchase.


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