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A little skeptical, we tossed this PBfit into our Amazon cart and tapped that order button.  We thought that if it wasn’t all that great, we’d just use it as a flour substitute as they recommended.

What is PBfit?

PBfit is a healthy alternative to peanut butter—it’s a powdered peanut butter that you can mix with water for a traditional peanut butter paste. With a dash of organic coconut palm sugar and salt, Pbfit lets you keep the nutrients, along with the peanut butter taste you love, but lets you ditch the fat and calories.

Imagine snacking on peanut butter that’s about one-third the calories and 87% less fat compared to traditional peanut butter (when prepared as directed). And let’s be honest — it’s fun to prepare!

Did you know? Traditional peanut butter has 188 calories and 16g fat compared to 70 calories and 2g fat in PBfit per 32g serving. That means guilt-free smoothies (YES!), PBJs, peanut butter dips, oatmeal, protein balls, pancakes — you get the idea. It’s our new non-guilty pleasure.

See why mamas are turning to PBfit when it comes to this household staple:

  • 90% less fat and ⅓ of the calories
  • Made from real roasted, pressed peanuts
  • Combine with water or add to smoothies to get a natural protein boost with great taste
  • Mix into breads, pancakes or waffles to create a delicious peanut butter flavor

What Others Are Saying:

I have been using this for years and I love it SO much. Whether it’s to make a sandwich, dip apples, make desserts, or basically make low carb protein shakes – this stuff is ALWAYS in my pantry. – Stevie

Although I got chocolate instead of the regular one in my order, I’m not disappointed. It is extremely delicious; I feel in love as soon as I mixed it with water and smelled the peanut butter. The consistency is spreadable and easy to mix and I want to say that I will continue to order this. I love it!!!!!! – Jacqueline

Much better than other powder peanut butters, forever a permanent staple in my pantry. – Ange

What are your ideas for using this fun and fit traditional Peanut Butter alternative?

Shop PBfit here.

Image credit: BetterBody Foods


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