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Whether you are a busy mom or just busy, you know how hard it can be to prepare for an important meeting or a date. When time is scarce and you need to do your makeup and hair, you will have to sacrifice something. But this shouldn’t be this way. In fact, no matter how busy you are, you can make your hair look fantastic using just a few tricks. You can use them not only for the times when you need to look your best but even on the way to a grocery store. Knowing that you look good will give you a boost of confidence and improve your mood. And you’ll only need moments to achieve it.

Spruce up your hair with a scarf or bow

A ponytail with a scarf seems like it’s the simplest hairstyle ever. But it’s also one of the top trends at the fashion podiums these days. In fact, looking at top fashion shows, you can see that this year is all about tying your hair with just about anything. Ribbons, scarves, and even ropes are used by all leading designers.

You can let your imagination loose and decorate simple styles like ponytail or bun to make them classy. When you are very short on time, simply tying a stylish scarf around your head will give you a fashionable and elegant look. The only thing you have to do is to stock up on scarves and ribbons to use for these hairstyles. Remember that colorful silks and gold thread are most popular in 2021. But there is also a timeless classic that is a black silk bow.

Give your hair volume and oomph with clip-in hair extensions

If you have more than a couple of minutes to prep your hair, you can give yourself a voluminous mane of gorgeous tresses. To do this you’ll need to use clip-in hair extensions. When you’re practiced enough, you’ll be able to put them in very fast. But the effect will be stunning.

Celebrities from all over the world use hair extensions to look as good as they do. This means you can create a moviestar look as well even without spending a fortune at a glamorous salon. Clip-ins are very easy to use and don’t require any special care.

Be sure to remove them after 12 hours max and comb them before you put them back in storage. Wash these extensions occasionally using your regular shampoo and lukewarm water. And remember, these hair extensions add not only length but also volume to your hairstyle.

When time is tight, wear a headband

Another trend straight from fashion designer runways is big headbands. Those must be flashy and decorated with flowers, pearls, silk, or anything else that can grab attention.

The best thing about this trend is that you don’t need to do anything with your hair at all. Comb it out and put on a stylish headband. That’s all you need for creating a great look. That’s why these accessories should be attention-grabbing.

You can wear a headband with your hair loose or with a ponytail or bun. Match this piece with your other accessories. They look best with signature earrings. And if your headband is plain silk, tie a matching ribbon around your neck.

Note that there is also an emerging trend for upside-down headbands gaining popularity today. Those should be worn with a tidy high updo. Therefore, this kind of hairstyle will take a bit more time. But the look is really bold and eye-catching.

Wave it up for a gorgeous beach look

Beach waves are always a great look and making them is very easy. If your hair isn’t naturally wavy, you’ll need but a bit of hair mousse and a curling wand or even flat iron to make them in a few minutes. Apply the mousse (or your other preferred styling product) on the length of your hair and use the iron.

Make a few large curls and tease them loose with your fingers. If you use a flat iron, grab a thin section of hair with the open part of the flat iron aimed vertically. Clamp the hair and begin to rotate the iron away from your face. Repeat a few times and tease the results with your fingers. Now you have great stylish waves.



Photo by kyle smith on Unsplash


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